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Fwd: Traffic Engineering Associate Opening: City of Camarillo

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      Subject: Fwd: Traffic Engineering Associate Opening: City of Camarillo

      >CITY OF CAMARILLO, CA - Traffic Engineering Associate
      >Salary $59,582 - $80,367/annually, plus excellent benefits
      >package, incl. PERS 2% at 55. Participates in traffic
      >engineering including transportation planning, signal
      >timing and design, prepares traffic studies. Reviews
      >environmental assessments and environmental impact reports.
      >Minimum qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in
      >Traffic Engineering or a closely related field.
      >Registration as Traffic Engineer with the State of
      >California or certification as Professional Traffic
      >Operations Engineer is desirable. If applicants do not meet
      >required criteria, the position may be filled at the
      >Traffic Engineering Assistant level. Apply immediately.
      >Open until filled. City of Camarillo, 601 Carmen Drive,
      >Camarillo, CA. 93010, or call 805-383-5618 for City
      >application (required). www.ci.camarillo.ca.us
      >For further information regarding this opportunity please
      >Raymond D. Chong, P.E., P.T.O.E.
      >Traffic Engineer
      >Department of Public Works
      >City of Camarillo
      >601 Carmen Drive
      >Camarillo CA 93010
      >1-805-388-5381 (office)
      >1-805-388-5387 (fax)
      >rchong@... (e-mail)

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