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Full Time Position - SF

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      Subject: Full Time Position (CA)

      Program Associate
      Data Central and Results Accountability
      Northern California Council for the Community
      221 Main Street, Suite 200
      San Francisco CA 94105

      SALARY: To be
      CLOSING DATE: Position open
      until filled, start date immediate

      Program Associate position is primarily responsible for assessing the
      of current and potential customers of "Data Central" (private foundations,

      United Way of the Bay Area (UWBA), community collaboratives, non-profit
      organizations) and meeting those needs by translating them into web-based
      technology solutions. "Data Central" was created by NCCC as an online,
      easily accessible source of regional and county data for tracking results
      in Education, Health, Self-Sufficiency and Safety. For further
      go to www.ncccsf.org and click onto Data Central.

      This position is also responsible for addressing the data needs of UWBA
      community investment staff, including tracking programmatic progress in
      health, education, safety, and self-sufficiency.

      This is a professional union level position. This position requires
      carrying out assignments without detailed instructions and under minimum
      supervision. Gather and report in a web-based format indicator data for
      Data Central and assist UWBA issue team staff with their data needs. This

      position requires ease in use of web-based technology, GIS software, and
      database management, quick thinking, initiative and personal motivation as

      well as the ability to adapt to changing needs and issues.

      JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITES Responsibilities include but are not
      limited to:
      1. Coordinate further development, updating and maintenance
      of web-based
      Data Central for the nine county San Francisco Bay Area with demographic
      and indicator trend data at the neighborhood, county, and regional levels.
      2. Assess and meet data needs of UWBA staff and other
      potential customers.
      3. Write, edit and organize production of reports related to
      Best Practices
      in outreach, technical assistance and data collection products, including
      use of GIS Mapping.
      4. Prepare and deliver visual representations (graphs, maps,
      etc.) of data.
      5. Assist and participate in developing work unit goals and

      POSITION REQUIREMENTS Any combination equivalent to experience and
      education that satisfies the required knowledge and abilities would

      Education: Bachelors degree required. Advanced coursework desirable in
      research methods, public policy, public health, or workforce development.

      Experience: Experience in applied social research and data base
      development and management. important. Use of evaluation methodology and
      application in organizational decisionmaking. Marketing and customer
      service experience preferred.

      Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Experience researching and analyzing
      community services and data. Be able to think strategically about data
      needs of customers and respond to them in the development of a region wide

      web-based data central. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in
      writing; to write, edit and produce research documents; to prepare and
      maintain accurate records; to pay attention to detail; to work effectively

      under pressure; to work as part of a team; to operate PC computers and to
      work with a variety of Windows-based software. Knowledge of and ability to

      use GIS software, Access. Knowledge of web-based database management

      TO APPLY Submit resume and cover letter to the NCCC Human Resources
      Department, 221 Main Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 95105 or fax to

      415-986-3605 or e-mail to <larry.best@...>.

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        Kaye Bock <kbock@...>
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        10/09/2003 11:25 AM

        To: planning-jobs@...
        Subject: Full Time Position (CA)

        Senior Level Consultant
        Job Announcement for Seifel Consulting
        San Francisco, CA 94109
        October 2003

        Seifel Consulting is seeking a full-time Senior Level Consultant who has
        expertise in urban planning, redevelopment, economic/financial analysis
        project management to:
        · Serve as the Project Manager for multiple consulting
        preparing technical analyses/reports;
        · Manage staff, subcontractors and consulting project
        budgets / schedules;
        · Actively market the firm's services and participate in
        the firm's
        business management team.

        In addition to having the above experience and ability, the ideal
        is a motivated team player with a good sense of humor who thrives on
        diversity in assignments and intellectual challenge.

        Essential Skills, Expertise and Qualities:
        · Experience and understanding in redevelopment, affordable
        planning, and real estate.
        · Solid understanding of financial concepts, principles and
        including complex spreadsheet model building and cash flow analysis.
        · Ability to perform complex planning and economic analyses
        and present
        results in a down to earth manner in written reports and public
        · Excellent writing skills, including preparing
        comprehensive reports and
        · Experience working with the public sector and
        communicating effectively
        with a variety of federal, state and local government officials, private
        firms and community organizations, as well as professional colleagues.
        · Skilled in cultivating and enhancing excellent client
        · Experience in project management: managing consulting
        contracts, staff,
        schedules and budgets.
        · Experience supervising 2 to 4 employees on a project
        · Experience in marketing, business development, and
        · Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in Excel
        and Word.
        (Knowledge of database programs, graphics software, and GIS is desirable.)
        · At least 5 years work experience in urban planning,
        community development and/or economic/financial analysis
        · Graduate degree in real estate, economics, business,
        urban planning or
        public policy preferred.
        · Experience in California's political and economic
        environment preferred.

        Send Resume and Cover Letter via Fax or E-mail:
        Subject: Senior Level Consultant Position
        E-mail: jobs@...
        Fax: 415-931-9602

        Salary determined by experience and ability. Competitive Benefits. Please
        submit a cover letter, resume, salary requirement and a 10 page relevant
        work sample.

        We are an equal opportunity employer. We treat our employees with respect
        and encourage them to grow in their abilities and responsibilities.
        Minority and women candidates are encouraged to apply.

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