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Full Time Position (CA)

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      Position Announcement -- AAA San Francisco --Transportation Policy Analyst

      The American Automobile Association (AAA) offices in San Francisco are
      planning to announce a job opening for a transportation policy analyst
      position. The position will be located in the public affairs and
      relations department of the California State Automobile Association
      the AAA affiliate that includes northern California, Nevada, and Utah.

      We are seeking candidates with a master's degree in transportation
      engineering, with experience relating to traffic operations and
      energy. Candidates for this position should be interested in
      policy broadly and traffic safety policy more specifically. The CSAA
      governmental relations practices works on local, regional, state, and
      transportation policy, program, and project issues. Candidates should be
      familiar with the governmental organizations and processes involved in
      transportation planning and operations at all levels.

      Ideal candidates will have had at least one full year of professional
      experience within transportation agencies, private sector (e.g.
      businesses, and/or public interest advocacy organizations. Compensation
      benefits for CSAA employees are fully competitive with all three sectors,
      specific salary levels to be dependent upon qualifications and experience.

      The policy analyst position will require some travel within the three
      CSAA territory, and potentially to other parts of the country, including
      Washington, DC. The policy analyst will be expected to work closely with
      governmental relations staff in San Francisco, Sacramento, Carson City,
      Salt Lake City. The successful candidate will report to the Transportation

      Policy Manager, and the position will be based in the San Francisco
      offices of CSAA in downtown San Francisco's Civic Center area.

      Interested parties may submit cover letter and resumes or curriculum vitae
      the CSAA Transportation Policy Manager at the email and mailing address

      Lewison Lee Lem, Ph.D.
      Transportation Policy Manager
      Corporate Affairs, 20th Floor
      California State Automobile Association
      100 Van Ness Avenue
      San Francisco CA 94102-5292
      415 551-5420 (phone)
      415 864-1531 (fax)
      415 264-0156 (mobile)
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      ... Program Associate National Programs Team Alliance to Save Energy The Program Associate is responsible for supporting the activities of the Green Campus
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        Program Associate
        National Programs Team
        Alliance to Save Energy

        The Program Associate is responsible for supporting the activities of the
        Green Campus Program. The Green Campus Program is a pilot project
        to involve students in a leadership role in order to promote energy
        efficiency on campus.

        The goals of the Green Campus Program are to:

        · Save energy on university campuses through a student-led
        campaign to
        identify and reduce energy waste through improvements in energy-use
        behaviors, student purchasing decisions and operations changes;
        · Build student awareness about the need to use energy
        efficiently, and
        understand the relationship between energy efficiency and the environment;
        · Strengthen academic learning by helping students use
        their Green Campus
        activities to support their learning.

        · Facilitate communication between all six (6) GCP programs
        (CSU Humboldt,
        CSU Sonoma, CSU Long Beach, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego).
        · Assist with the organization of twice-yearly meetings of
        the Green Campus
        Councils on each campus.
        · Organize logistics of annual meetings of Green Campus
        Councils and key
        staff from all (6) participating campuses for jointly-held sessions.
        · Meet monthly or every other month with Campus Councils to
        assistance, encouragement and support.
        · Maintain contact with student interns at each campus and
        make periodic
        campus visits.
        · Train student interns at each campus on facilitating
        their own (site)
        council meetings.
        · Assist in preparation of project requirements such as
        quarterly reports,
        invoice and reimbursement requests, sub-contracting, proposal writing and
        budget tracking.
        · Assist with the design and development of new marketing
        materials and web
        site content.
        · Assist with general administrative tasks such as
        correspondence, database
        management, meeting/marketing materials, copying, faxes, etc.

        · Bachelor's Degree in environmental or energy-related
        studies, marketing,
        plus 1-2 years relevant work experience or equivalent combination of
        education and experience.
        · Ability to work independently as well as with a team.
        · Excellent organizational, oral and written communication
        · Proficient computer skills, including MS Word, Excel,
        PowerPoint and
        · Willingness to travel.

        · Experience in field related to energy or energy
        · Familiarity with management and administration of
        government and
        foundation grants.
        · Private sector background with demonstrated knowledge of
        energy related
        technologies, programs and policies.
        · Experience in public speaking.

        Martha Lake (916) 451-0353
        5821 9th Avenue Sacramento, CA 95820
        Email: martha.lake@...
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