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University of Chicago - Planning PhD program - Fellowships

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      Subject: The UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs Distinguished
      Graduate Scholar Award


      The College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs <http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/> of the University of Illinois at Chicago is pleased to announce a
      fellowship program for new doctoral students which offers an attractive
      guarantee of four years of continued support. Please see the information
      provided below for specific information on this exceptional opportunity.


      Jim Marek
      Assistant Dean for Student Services
      College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs


      The CUPPA Distinguished Graduate Scholar Award Program offers highly
      qualified doctoral applicants a guarantee of up to four years of
      tuition-free education and salaries of up to $15,000 per academic year for
      work as research assistants in one of the College's seven research centers
      and institutes.

      Selected students prepare for research careers in Urban Planning and
      Policy <http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/upp/> or in Public Administration <http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/pa/> by studying with faculty in one of the College's academic departments
      and in one of its nationally recognized research centers.

      Scholars are expected to complete all required course work and pass their
      preliminary examinations during their first two years of study. Scholars
      spend the next two years pursuing advanced research in their selected
      research center.

      To apply for the Award, applicants should submit the following items to
      their selected academic program no later than January 15.

      1. A letter of application stating your full name, address, email address,
      and work and home telephone numbers.
      2. A brief statement of your proposed program of study and research.
      3. A brief statement identifying the CUPPA research center you think would
      best meet your educational and research objectives. (It is best to select
      one. If interested in more than one, rank by order of preference as 1st,
      2nd, 3rd, etc.)

      For fullest consideration, students should be admitted to one of the
      College's Ph.D. Programs no later than January 15. Awardees will be
      invited to visit the campus to meet with CUPPA faculty, staff, and
      students. Travel stipends will be paid by the applicant's preferred
      academic program.

      Award recipients will be selected by March 1. (The fellowship is available
      for fall semester only.) Those selected must notify their Program Director
      whether they intend to accept the award within three weeks of the

      To learn more, please contact:

      Charles J. Hoch, Professor and PhD Program Director, Graduate Program in
      Urban Planning and Policy; chashoch@...; 312-996-2156.


      Michael Pagano, Professor and Director; Graduate Program in Public
      Administration; mapagano@...; 312-355-4681.
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