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      Job Announcement
      August 21, 2003


      Title: Watershed Program Coordinator
      Apply by: September 10th
      Term: Full time, exempt, excellent benefits, including retirement
      Salary: Low to mid 30's, commensurate with experience

      The Aquatic Outreach Institute (AOI) is a non-profit organization that has
      developed a diverse set of public involvement and education programs
      focused on protecting creeks, watersheds, and the San Francisco Bay. These
      include programs for educators such as Kids in Creeks, Kids in Gardens; and Watching Our Watersheds, and wildlife and native plant gardening education for the general
      public. AOI also facilitates community-based Watershed Awareness Programs
      on Pinole, San Pablo and Baxter Creeks; an annual Creeks, Wetlands and
      Watersheds conference; the publication of a regional newsletter - Creeks Speak and a regional grant/assistance program for community organizations. AOI
      has an $800,000/year budget and a staff of eleven.

      Work Environment
      We are located on the University of California Richmond Field Station, in
      a lovely campus-style environment adjacent to the Bay. Our office
      atmosphere is casual and friendly; we seek a dedicated, collaborative,
      motivated, creative colleague who likes challenges and is able to work
      under pressure while maintaining a sense of humor.
      The job of the Watershed Awareness Program (WAP) coordinator is to help
      build a strong and sustainable citizens' group in a given watershed. The
      coordinator works to ensure that those citizens have both the support
      needed to engage in creek (and other aquatic habitats) protection and
      enhancement activities, and the understanding to communicate basic water
      quality and habitat protection concepts to the community at large.

      The WAP Coordinator develops and maintains the administrative,
      organizational, and educational systems needed to keep a group of
      committed volunteers motivated and involved. He or she contributes to and
      leads public education, outreach, awareness, and involvement activities,
      including coordinating and leading community meetings, workdays, and
      monitoring events; teaching adults and youths in those settings; and
      developing educational materials and stewardship-based programs.
      In addition to these program responsibilities, the WAP coordinator is also
      responsible for providing a high level of organizational support within
      the Aquatic Outreach Institute, through fund-raising, program development,
      and presentations. The WAP Coordinator is also involved with the
      development and implementation of other programs within the Watershed
      Awareness Program Department.

      General Characteristics and Required Skills
      The nature of the work performed by AOI requires that the WAP coordinator
      have exposure to subjects relating to education, public policy, community
      development, freshwater environments, and general ecology. The WAP
      coordinator must be able to (1) review and synthesize information, (2)
      communicate effectively both orally and in writing to multiple and diverse
      audiences, (3) plan and coordinate projects and events, (4) facilitate
      community building around environmental programs, (5) work independently
      with general supervision from senior staff, and (6) contribute to the
      short and long term goals of the Institute. A working knowledge of
      word-processing and database software is required; familiarity with
      graphics and desktop publication software is a plus.

      Typical Duties

      Program Development and Implementation
      field inquiries, send out information, and handle correspondence between
      local stakeholders

      maintain mailing lists, records and files

      coordinate and lead monthly community meetings

      lead groups of adults and students in outdoor activities such as habitat
      restoration or ecological monitoring

      coordinate all restoration activities with local government planning

      facilitate and prepare agreements with local stakeholders and
      municipalities for targeted watershed activities

      secure permits when required for watershed activities

      transport equipment and supplies to and from events and/or volunteers'
      homes and workplaces

      coordinate special events such as Earth Day cleanups, and water quality
      monitoring activities

      provide support for a host of volunteer-initiated efforts such as
      attending other community groups' events and meetings, building a web
      site, writing a grant,

      prepare and distribute calendar listings and press releases

      prepare layout, solicit or write articles and mail monthly newsletter

      write quarterly and annual reports

      prepare and submit funding proposals

      Organizational Support and Development

      assist with public inquiries regarding the San Francisco Estuary

      interview, select, supervise, and train volunteers and interns

      develop and implement new programs and products

      identify, compile, and organize information for AOI's programs and

      prepare verbal and graphic presentations on topics of public concern
      regarding the San Francisco Estuary and its watersheds

      prepare verbal and graphic presentations on Institute programs and

      represent the Institute to a variety of public and private interest
      groups, agencies and educational

      Minimum Requirements
      Possession of a B.S. or B.A. Degree, preferably in community development,
      environmental science, biology or a related field. General understanding
      of creek ecology and watershed principles, demonstrated experience of
      computer use, and demonstrated communication and organizational skills.
      Candidates must:

      own or have access to a car
      have a California drivers license
      be insured
      be willing to transport materials as necessary
      be able to lift and carry 40 pounds.

      To Apply
      Submit a resume and cover letter. Please address the following questions in your cover letter:

      Demonstrated skills and work experience that you have that has prepared
      you for this position?
      What are the strongest attributes you would bring to our organization?

      Fax, mail, or email application materials to:
      Aquatic Outreach Institute
      1327 South 46th Street #155
      Richmond, CA 94804
      Fax: (510) 231-5703

      Qualified candidates will be called for an interview. For more
      information, please visit our website at www.aoinstitute.org.
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