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Full Time Position - Soledad, CA

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      Subject: Full Time Position (CA)

      Salary: Current salary goes up to $80,358 a year (DOQ) + Excellent
      City of Soledad
      Soledad, California

      The City of Soledad is located in California's beautiful Salinas Valley,
      just minutes away from the City of Salinas and home to
      some of Monterey County's historical landmarks and burgeoning wineries.

      Candidates must have the equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in
      Business/Public Administration, Public Policy, or a related field,
      and five years of economic development, redevelopment or related
      in a public agency setting of which two years
      were as a supervisor or administrator. Completion of Master's degree in
      stated fields may be substituted for two of the five
      years of non-supervisory experience.

      Call for a brochure or visit our website. Apply to:

      RJA Management Services, Inc.
      550 W. Duarte Rd., Suite 6
      Arcadia, CA 91007
      (626) 447-3318

      Closing date for application: September 29, 2003,

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