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FW: Job Opportunities (fwd)

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      The Skoll Foundation continues to build its Social Edge team, and is
      announcing two newly created positions: 1) Online Community Coordinator
      2) Content Specialist. We invite you to help us spread the word by
      it onto listservs, friends, family and colleagues you believe might be

      Please visit the link below to find out more:


      See you on the Edge,

      Keely Stevenson
      Program Manager
      Skoll Foundation
      408-278-2200 kstevenson@...
      www.skollfoundaiton.org I www.socialedge.org

      Please join us on Social Edge (www.socialedge.org) the new online
      for the social sector, empowered by the Skoll Foundation.

      The information in this e-mail message is privileged, confidential, and
      protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, any
      dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you
      that you have received this e-mail in error, please e-mail the sender and
      delete all copies. Thank you.

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