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Temp Job, Transportation - MTC, Special Projects Coordinator, Oakland

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  • druss129
    MTC is seeking someone with relevant professional experience who will manage various grant programs and funds associated with those programs. This is a short
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      MTC is seeking someone with relevant professional experience who will manage various grant programs and funds associated with those programs.

      This is a short term assignment of four (4) to six (6) months. The individual in this position will work for Local Government Services (LGS) and will be assigned to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

      This announcement is Open Until Filled. If you are interested in being considered for this position it is highly recommended that you submit your application and resume as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on a daily basis.

      The person in this position will need to work on-site and will need to be ready to start immediately. A background check will be conducted by LGS prior to the selected individual starting.

      JOB DESCRIPTION: The person in this position will address a variety of tasks to support both the Planning and the Programming & Allocations Sections.

      Major Assignments Will Include, But Are Not Limited To:

      • Overseeing the administration of several grant programs, to include:

        • The Lifeline Transportation Program
          • Monitor project progress
          • Process contracts and amendments to the contracts 
          • Support CMA Community Based Transportation Plans 
          • Oversee administration of funds to CMA programs 
        • New Freedom Program 
          • Work on on-going program administration, i.e. funding agreements, invoices, progress reports, TIP updates 
          • Develop guidelines, as needed 
          • Represent MTC at regional Mobility Management group meetings
        • 5310 and 5311 programs
          • Work with Caltrans, possibly revising program guidelines
          • Contact other agencies for projects/programming information
          • Review applications and prepare regional certifications
      Skills needed for this position are, the ability to:
      • Communicate very effectively both orally and in writing.
      • Pay attention to the details. Accuracy in database files and on funding documents is critical.
      • Present results of analyses before MTC Committees and other public entities.
      • Design and maintain reports of project funding information.
      • Creatively solve problems.
      • Work effectively with others and as part of a team.
      Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, in an appropriate discipline such as: Transportation, Regional, or Urban Planning; Engineering; Financial Management; Public Policy; Public Administration, or a related discipline. Master's degree is preferred

      Completion of a minimum of two years of experience in an appropriate field related to the area of assignment, such as: engineering, transportation planning, transportation funding/finance, urban planning, contract management, public finance, grants management or project administration/management. Additional professional work experience is desirable. 
      Two years of graduate work in a discipline directly related to the position may be substituted for the required experience.

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