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2 Internships with LeSar Development Consultants

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  • zaheenc
    Apply here: http://www.lesardevelopment.com/careers/ LDC Paid Internships Announcement! LeSar Development
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2013

      Apply here: http://www.lesardevelopment.com/careers/

      LDC Paid Internships Announcement!

      LeSar Development Consultants (LDC) is a social innovation firm that assists clients with growing healthy, thriving, and vibrant communities. We provide creative solutions to complex problems with our expertise in community development, housing, homelessness, workforce and economic development, sustainability, transportation, and civic and community engagement. Our clients include public agencies, foundations, utilities, business associations, and other stakeholders looking to create physically and economically sustainable communities.


      LDC is seeking to immediately hire two (2) paid interns  for the duration of late September through December 15th. These interns will work at our headquarters in San Diego. 


      The Consolidated Plan Intern will be responsible for: 

      • Performing Housing, Homeless and Community Development research and analysis
      • Coordinating stakeholder and community outreach
      • Drafting, editing and translating presentations, flyers and outreach materials
      • Tracking local, state and national policy issues
      • Data entry and management
      • Administrative tasks, as needed


      The Housing and Homeless Policy Intern will be responsible for:

      • Researching and writing of analytical reports.
      • Communication with public agency staff and external stakeholders related to policy, planning and programs.
      • Preparing narrative and quantitative reports for committees, boards and commissions.
      • Writing housing and homelessness policy articles for the LDC monthly newsletters.
      • Administrative tasks, as needed.


      The ideal candidate will possess a Master's Degree or is a Second-Year Master's Degree Candidate and will have basic knowledge of urban planning, economic development, and community development.

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