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Internship with West Oakland Community Land Trust

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      Subject: Internship with West Oakland Community Land Trust

      Hello All,

      The new West Oakland Community Land Trust is seeking an intern to
      help get its first projects off the ground and make homeownership a
      reality for more long-term West Oakland residents. Please see detailed
      job description below.

      Although the Land Trust does not currently have funds available to pay an
      intern, the position offers many networking opportunities, great job
      experience, and depending on the success of these early projects and the
      quality of work performed there's a possibility it could lead to a paid
      position with the organization.

      For more information about the internship, contact myself, Sabrina Butler,

      at sforkish@... or 504-4849.

      For more information about the Land Trust, contact board member Willie
      Keyes at won_mc@....


      Organization Description: West Oakland Community Land Trust (WOCLT)
      is a new community-based land trust with the goal of increasing the rate
      of homeownership in West Oakland by providing new, affordable infill
      units. West Oakland is currently plagued by blighted and vacant
      properties. The Land Trust aims to transform this land into new homes for
      long-term residents.

      Job Description: WOCLT is currently pursuing one or more large,
      multi-family housing projects. Simultaneously, the Land Trust has
      compiled information on the vacant lots in the West Oakland area and is
      identifying sites that might be ideal for new single-family infill

      WOCLT is looking for an intern primarily to assist with pre-development
      research and grant/loan applications for its development initiatives. The
      intern will also assist with an outreach event designed to build community

      support for WOCLT's proposed projects, and to provide information to
      potential donors. The secondary responsibility of the intern will be to
      identify potential administrative funding sources to help WOCLT build its
      capacity. Depending on the interests, experience, and time availability of

      the intern, he or she may also provide research assistance for
      single-family housing infill projects.

      This position is ideal for students who are interested in real estate
      analysis, finance, real estate development, urban planning, or community

      We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. WOCLT is happy
      to accommodate the intern's time schedule and number of hours
      available, but we are requesting a minimum weekly commitment of
      approximately 8 hours. WON is also happy to help a student in meeting
      any requirements necessary to receive course credit.

      For more information or to apply for the position, please contact Sabrina
      Butler at (510) 504-4849 or smf_butler@....

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