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FT Job - General Plan Project Manager, City of East Palo Alto

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  • druss129
    Close Date: Oct 4, 2013 Salary: $5,934.00 - $7,213.00 Monthly For more information, contact: edoherty@cityofepa.org (650) 853-3132 Apply at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2013
      Close Date: Oct 4, 2013
      Salary: $5,934.00 - $7,213.00 Monthly
      For more information, contact:
      (650) 853-3132

      Apply at:

      THE POSITION: Serves as Project Manager for the City’s General Plan Update process. The General Plan Update involves the management of a project utilizing contracted professional consultants to deliver three distinct products: 1) the General Plan document consistent with California State law; 2) an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) per the California Environmental Quality Act; and 3) a Zoning Ordinance/Development Code Revision. Work involves complex planning, environmental and community outreach efforts.

      Ideal Candidate:

      IDEAL CANDIDATE: An applicant whose background demonstrates an interest in and ability to successfully perform the duties of this position. Excellent organizational skills, understanding of program requirements and project management skills will add value to the City’s Community Development Department. The applicant will have experience that equips him/her with the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

      -Well versed in current regulatory compliance, information sources and research techniques in the field of planning with particular focus on sustainability and health, i.e., NEPA and CEQA.
      - Experience in establishing effective working relationships with professional consultants, community, stakeholders, Community Development Department, City staff, and the general public.
      -Project management experience in developing and monitoring project objectives, and measuring performance against established standards. Ability to adapt to new and/or unanticipated requirements. 
      -Public sector experience preparing justifications for budget submissions and ensuring accuracy of formulation.
      -Experience administering or managing grant funds.



      RetirementCalPERS - 2.5% @ 55 or 2% @ 62 benefit formula depending on membership status.
      Medical (City pays up to $642/month)
      Dental (City pays full cost for employee only)
      Life Insurance (City pays for coverage of $75,000)
      Long Term Disability (LTD) (City paid)
      State Disability Insurance (SDI) (Employee paid)
      Management Leave30 hours per year
      Earned Leave:
      Vacation: 60 hours - 150 hours per year, depending on previous public service
      Sick: 8 hours/month
      Holidays: 12 annual paid holidays
      Optional BenefitsFlex (125) Plan with Supplemental Benefits

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