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Policy Research and GIS Internship with Greenbelt Alliance

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  • Rick Kos (SJSU)
    Policy Volunteer Internship Greenbelt Alliance seeks a motivated individual to provide policy research and GIS (geographic information systems)support for our
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      Policy Volunteer Internship

      Greenbelt Alliance seeks a motivated individual to provide policy research
      and GIS (geographic
      information systems)support for our campaigns for open space protection and
      better city planning
      throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The position requires a 2-5
      days/week commitment for at least
      three months (six month commitment preferred). Working hours are flexible,
      but most work must be
      completed between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

      Between 2005 and 2035, the Bay Area will grow by two million people. This
      growth could make the
      Bay Area a better place to live, or it could hurt the region. Will people
      be able to find homes they can
      afford? Will they be able to walk or bike to work, or will they have to pay
      for gasoline, whatever it
      costs? Will natural areas and working farms continue to provide clean air,
      clean water, and fresh food?
      Greenbelt Alliance�s Grow Smart Bay Area vision and research shows that by
      directing growth to
      existing cities and towns, protecting the region�s natural areas and
      working farms, and making sure this
      growth happens in an equitable way that benefits everyone, the Bay Area
      will remain a great place to

      Greenbelt Alliance staff are engaged in multiple land-use planning
      campaigns to carry out the Grow
      Smart Bay Area vision. Examples include:

      � Exploring new policy pathways to protect farms, ranches and landscapes in
      Sonoma County and
      East Contra Costa County.

      � Creating vibrant, walkable neighborhoods in and around San Jose�s Diridon
      Transit Center that
      includes homes affordable to all income levels and focuses mobility on
      people, not cars.

      � Pushing development of new online platforms for civic engagement,
      greenbelt land mapping, as
      well as sharing and harnessing smart growth information in the Bay Area

      � Engaging in the implementation of Plan Bay Area to support development of
      conservation strategies and tools for the region�s the open spaces

      � Asking planners, policy makers and developers in the areas largest cities
      the main barriers to
      equitable infill development, and seeking potential solutions.

      The Policy Volunteer Intern will provide policy support to Greenbelt
      Alliance campaign leads and
      projects by answering a spectrum of land use research questions and
      performing various planning related tasks.
      Efforts will be made to match the volunteer intern�s interest with current

      � GIS research and display � What is the walking and bicycling distance
      from a proposed station
      or the collision rate along a corridor? What are the open space values at
      risk of urbanization in
      the Bay Area? How can maps tell the compelling stories of the land?

      � Policy research � What new zoning tools could Sonoma County implement to
      prevent rural
      parcelization and sprawl development? How can cities improve the
      development process for
      infill housing? Where are the critical components of county food systems?

      � GIS system development � updating and improving Greenbelt Alliance�s GIS
      data layers

      � Emissions analysis � using the URBEMIS software package to calculate
      estimated greenhouse
      gas emissions and new vehicle trips produced from development proposals

      � Analysis of public documents � for example, reviewing draft Specific
      Plans, Transit Area Plans
      and Environmental Impact Reports(EIRs) and drafting formal comment letters.

      The Policy Volunteer Intern will report to the Policy Researcher, and will
      work with other staff in the
      Program Department as appropriate.

      This position requires a 2 to 5 day a week commitment for at least three
      months starting immediately; a
      six-month commitment is strongly preferred. Volunteer interns are expected
      to adhere to a regular
      schedule, but working hours are flexible and volunteer interns can
      generally choose this schedule. Most
      work must be completed between 9am and 5pm weekdays in the Greenbelt
      Alliance main office in
      downtown San Francisco. This location is BART and MUNI accessible and
      public transportation is

      Talents/Skills desired
      Greenbelt Alliance is seeking candidates with strong quantitative and
      qualitative research skills, strong
      writing skills, and a friendly and professional demeanor. Knowledge of
      urban planning or land use
      policies is highly desired. Ideal candidates should have strong
      organizational skills and an ability to
      work independently to meet deadlines. Excel and one year of GIS experience
      are required. Graduate
      students and recent college graduates are encouraged to apply, but advanced
      undergraduates will also be

      The position is unpaid. Travel reimbursement is available for volunteer
      interns working more than 30
      hours a week who can demonstrate financial need.

      This position is an excellent opportunity to have an impact on land use
      decisions throughout the Bay
      Area. The volunteer intern will meet professionals from around the region
      and will learn about
      environmental and urban planning issues while developing a network of
      contacts and references in the
      non-profit field. When applying for future jobs, volunteer interns will be
      able to point to tangible results
      from their work and describe discrete projects that they led.

      About Us
      Greenbelt Alliance is the San Francisco Bay Area�s advocate for open spaces
      and vibrant places.
      Founded in 1958, we work to make the Bay Area a better place to live by
      protecting the region�s
      greenbelt and improving the livability of our cities and towns. We have
      helped protect over 1.1 million
      acres of farmlands, parks, watersheds and other open space. We are also a
      leading advocate for the
      creation of livable communities: walkable neighborhoods near transit,
      shops, and jobs, with homes
      people can afford.

      With a committed staff of 20-plus, there is strong team spirit and sense of
      fun at our organization. We
      are headquartered in San Francisco with offices in San Jose, Santa Rosa,
      and Walnut Creek. Greenbelt
      Alliance values a diverse workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.
      People of color, women,
      people of all sexual orientation, trans and gender non-conforming people,
      and individuals of diverse
      backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

      To apply
      To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Adam Garcia, Policy
      Researcher, at
      agarcia@.... Please include the date you would be available to
      start work. Applications will
      be evaluated as they arrive; the position is open until filled.

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