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FT Job: Director of Planning & Communications-LAVTA Livermore

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  • viona erika
    http://www.transittalent.com/Job_Listing.cfm?JobID=40052 Company: Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority View more listings Position: Director of Planning &
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      Company: Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority View more listings
      Position: Director of Planning & Communications
      Location: Livermore, California
      Job Status: Full-time
      Salary: See Below
      Job ID: 40052
      Website: http://www.wheelsbus.com
      This position is open until filled. The first filing deadline is July 15, 2013. Please submit a cover letter, resume, five work-related references and current salary to the attention of Beverly Adamo. Documents may be submitted via email to resumes@..., mailed to LAVTA, 1362 Rutan Court, Suite 100, Livermore, CA 94551, or faxed to 925.443.1375
      Director of Planning and Communications
      The Director of Planning and Communications reports to the Executive Director and plays a primary leadership role within the Authority. The position will manage operations planning, short/long range planning, capital planning, and marketing and communications functions within the organization, and be responsible for the agency’s reporting to numerous entities requiring data from the agency (FTA, NTD, APTA, CTA, etc). This individual will be the liaison with City planning staff, consultants working for the agency, and members of the public. The position will play a prominent role in obtaining operating and capital grants to support the agency’s services and projects. The position requires extensive planning and project management experience as well as prior experience reporting directly to a governing body (i.e., Board of Directors) or substantial interaction with a governing body. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
      30% Project Management • Plan, design, and implement large capital projects, meeting scope, schedule, budget and quality requirements; • Plan, develop and manage fleet procurements and other on-going capital equipment and inventory; • Manage marketing, media relations, community education programs, and corporate communications. • Develop and implement projects and services consistent with the LAVTA Strategic Plan.
      30% Short/Long Range and Operations Planning • Oversee the development of long and short-range transit plans (e.g. SRTPs) and other related studies; • Monitor route productivity, make periodic comprehensive operational assessments of the system, and manage service changes; • Work with departments from each member city and Alameda County to ensure Authority transit services meet the current and future needs of each city and the County; • Respond to community input on service design; • Represent the Authority on various planning committees and organizations.
      25% Provide a Leadership Role within the Agency • Support the Executive Director; • Assist in supporting the Authority’s Board of Directors; • Work collaboratively with other Directors on the agency’s Management Team; • Effectively manage the Planning and Communications Department staff.
      10% Grants • Work closely with Finance and Administration Department to write grant applications and obtain funding for the agency’s services and capital projects;
      5% Other duties as assigned
      Behavior The employee shall work well under pressure meeting multiple and sometimes competing deadlines. The employee shall at all times demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, supervisors, contract service provider, and the public.
      Skills & Abilities: Ability to think strategically and proactively; Ability to lead and coordinate projects; Ability to develop and prepare comprehensive service plans, studies, and reports; Ability to make effective public presentations; Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; Ability to obtain public acceptance of the Authority; Ability to motivate staff; Ability to recognize business problems, develop alternatives, and implement viable solutions; Ability to prepare and monitor departmental operating budget.
      Knowledge of: Knowledge of Project Management principles and demonstrated experience in project delivery, meeting scope, schedule, budget, and quality requirements; Transit planning principles, survey design, implementation and analysis; Information technology resources; Marketing and communications principles; Knowledge of state, federal and regional laws and regulations relating to funding and operations of public transit; Relative location of cities, basic geography and prominent landmarks of the Wheels service area.
      ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS Position reports directly to: Executive Director Position supervises: Marketing Specialist Transit Planner Paratransit Planner Community Outreach Coordinator AVL, Scheduling, and & Transit ITS Applications Analyst Planning Intern Position coordinates with: All Authority staff, particularly other department directors Maintenance and Operations Contractor staff Representatives of federal, state, regional, county and city agencies Local civic groups and businesses Vendors The public
      QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor’s/Master’s degree(s) in Transportation Planning, Business Administration, Urban Planning, or related field. Five years of responsible management experience in public transit preferably at the local or regional level. The position requires 3-5 years of planning experience as well as 3-5 years of experience reporting directly to a governing body (i.e., Board of Directors) or substantial interaction with a governing body. Project Management training desirable. LAVTA reserves the right to fill this position as a Manager with promotion potential to the Director level.
      COMPENSATION $81,703 – $114,389 annual salary range
      BENEFITS Retirement • CalPERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement System) – Plan and employee contribution dependent on any prior qualifying employment • Authority does not contribute to social security Annual Leave • 176 hours of general leave time for years 1-5 • 216 hours of general leave time following the fifth year • 12 paid holidays per year • 56 hours of administrative leave per year Insurance (With one possible exception for health care for which the employee may be responsible for partial payment for coverage, Authority pays employer AND employee contribution for all insurance coverage) • Employee and dependent health care is provided through CalPERS • Employee and dependent dental and vision coverage • Disability insurance • Life insurance at 1 ½ times the employees salary Additional Benefits • $200 monthly automobile allowance • Professional Development – Authority pays for expenses for attendance at
      professional meetings in accordance with Board adopted budget

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