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FT job - Planner Series - Rohnert Park, CA

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  • druss129
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      CLOSING DATE: July 01, 2013
      TERM: Temporary, 6 months, Full-time
      CLASSIFICATION: Non-Exempt
      JOB SUMMARY: Under immediate supervision or direction, depending upon the level to which assigned, incumbents will perform a full range of activities required to: perform professional planning research and analysis in the preparation of planning studies, reports, plans and projects relating to land use, environmental protection, economic development, solid waste planning, climate change, environmental compliance and related topics; evaluate planning rules, regulations, ordinances and policies as they relate to tribal projects and outside agency projects; prepare and coordinate plans, present studies and recommendations to various committees, community groups, tribal staff and Tribal Council; act as planning liaison to citizen advisory groups, tribal citizenship, Tribal Council and various agencies at the local, regional, state and federal level; and perform related duties as required.
      Assistant Planner is the entry level of the Planner series. Under immediate supervision, incumbents are given direct and detailed supervision in learning the techniques of planning, and supporting research and analysis. Incumbents in this class learn how to apply their professional training to a work production environment and how to perform the simplest and least complex planning review activities. As experience is gained, assignments gradually become more complex and are performed under supervision that is more general. Incumbents may advance to the higher level after gaining experience and demonstrating proficiency that meets the qualifications of the higher-level class.
      Associate Planner is the intermediate level between the training level and the full working level classifications in planning. Incumbents in this class provide and perform responsible, technical and professional planning services, are familiar with city, county, regional, state and Federal planning rules, regulations and policies, and increasingly exercise considerable analysis and judgment in applying planning and research skills, organizing and setting priorities for work assignments, and in selecting work methodology for projects or assignments. Incumbents prepare planning studies, reports, plans, and resolutions on a wide variety of assignments and make presentations before various groups. Work assignments are received from and subject to review of higher-level planners and/or Environmental Protection Department Director.
      Senior Planner is the journey level position within the Planner series. Incumbents conduct planning and design studies, implement or process projects of increased difficulty and high levels of public interest, and exercise considerable independence and judgment in assignments. This class is distinguished from the lower entry level of Assistant and Associate Planners by increased levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities, greater complexity of assigned projects and programs and increased independence in work. Senior Planners exercise supervision and direction to the Assistant and Associate Planner(s).
      The following duties are typical. Incumbents may not perform all of the listed duties and/or may be required to perform additional or different duties from those set forth below to address tribal needs and changing tribal practices.
      • Conducts studies of human, physical, natural, environmental, economic and governmental resources for planning studies, reports and plans; analyzes existing plans in the subject area, drafts plans for Tribal use, notes deficiencies in policy or legal authority in defined areas for possible recommended changes; relates plans to goals and policies of various governmental programs and analyzes possible conflicts or contradictions.
      • Participates in the review and production of major planning documents within FIGR ancestral territory such as City and County General Plans, community plans, environmental documents and specialized plans such as area specific plans, air and water quality plans, solid waste plans, climate plan, environmental compliance and related topics.
      • Assists in the preparation of ordinances and resolutions to implement new projects, policies and programs; assists in coordinating the implementation of new programs with other agencies and tribal departments.
      • Assists and advises the tribe in preparation and filing of applications for tribal planning approvals.
      • Evaluates public and private agency development projects for cultural, environmental and other legal requirements. Conducts field investigations applying Federal, State and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.
      • Conducts environmental assessment using CEQA and/or NEPA of tribal projects; makes recommendations regarding mitigation measures, Environmental Assessments or Negative Declarations; and reviews Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Impact Reports.
      • Answers questions, provides information and assistance to tribal citizens, Tribal Council, the public and outside agencies in person, by telephone and in writing regarding Environmental Protection Department programs.
      • Develops and maintains positive working relationships with co-workers, tribal citizens, Tribal Council, outside agencies and the public using principles of good customer service.
      • Enters and retrieves data from electronic data processing systems; establishes and updates information, generates documents and correspondence, communicates with others; updates computer system files; prepares, reviews, and maintains forms, files and other necessary records.
      • Prepares presentations and materials in order to present studies, plans and recommendations to various committees, community groups, tribal citizenship, staff and Tribal Council; acts as planning liaison to citizen advisory groups, tribal citizenship, Tribal Council and various agencies at the local, regional, state and federal level.
      Experience and Education:
      • Bachelor's Degree with major course work in urban, regional or environmental planning, solid waste planning, geography, economics, environmental studies or a related field.
      • License or Certificate – Possessions of a valid California Class C Driver's License.
      • Assistant Planner: Entry level position requiring three years or less experience and education in the planning field.
      • Associate Planner: Three years or more of increasingly responsible experience in the planning field.
      • Senior Planner: Seven years or more of increasingly responsible experience in the planning field. (Masters Degree is a plus).
      Knowledge of:
      • Federal, State and local grant opportunities and guidelines.
      Ability to:
      • Organize and prioritize workload. Manage time well and work under demanding conditions with a professional manner.
      • Understand and follow oral and written instructions. Be able to plan for and complete tasks that require delayed follow-up.
      • Initiate and follow through on complex planning tasks, manage time well, meet deadlines and respond effectively to unexpected issues as they arise in the performance of assigned duties.
      • Utilize Interpersonal and human relations skills when working in culturally diverse environments; demonstrate commitment to serving Tribal communities in a creative, problem solving mode.
      • Demonstrate ability to draw programming connections and identify related goals between programs and departments and project partners that will both facilitate the Tribe's and Environmental Protection Department's strategic plan. Ability to codify those ideas into coherently written text and communications. Contribute to the team environment. Work collaboratively with various staff in various disciplines.
      • Strong oral and written communication skills, demonstrated ability to use computer data and word processing programs as professional tools. Ability to scan and convert documents to PDFs, work with spreadsheets, and conduct appropriate Internet research.
      • Pay attention to detail and maintain accurate records.
      • Work independently and manage time effectively to meet deadlines in a deadlines driven environment.
      • Must adhere to confidentiality policy.
      • Working knowledge of: the principles, methods, theories, practices, and techniques of urban and regional land-use and environmental planning and development; social, environmental and economic principles, and of their application to urban and rural development and conservation.
      • Understand and develop current knowledge in special areas such as environment, transportation, habitat restoration, park planning, agricultural planning and support implementation of these planning projects.
      • Select proper research and methodology including methods of gathering, compiling and analyzing data required for planning studies and plan-level documents and of standard statistical methods and procedures as they apply to the use of socio-economic and environmental data; electronic and geographical information systems. Apply that research and methodology to planning issues; present the results of research effectively in oral, written or graphic form;
      • Problem solve and understand, interpret, and explain a wide variety of laws, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations relating to land use issues including reading and interpreting architectural plans, maps and legal property descriptions.
      • Advise citizens groups and various staff and committees orally and in writing concerning specific planning projects and programs; prepare clear and concise written reports and presentations; draft plan-level documents under supervision, reason logically and speak effectively;
      • Resume and cover letter required. Resume must detail the education and experience requirements related to the position as advertised including a narrative delineating how your abilities, education and experience qualify you for this position.
      • Must be willing to adhere to professional and ethical codes of conduct and to FIGR employment policies.
      • Must successfully clear a criminal history background check.
      • Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening test.
      • Must possess a valid State Driver's License and maintain such license throughout the duration of employment. Must have a reasonably clean driving record and be eligible for coverage under the Tribe's vehicle insurance policy.
      • Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria proudly offers a rich history, steeped in creativity and a commitment to our families, staff and broader communities. We invite you to learn more about us.
      Be sure to answer all the questions completely and accurately. Describe specific, relevant examples from your background, and include your specific role, job title, responsibilities, employers, dates/length of professional experience. Please limit your full response to one (1) page using 12 Arial font with standard margins. Type or clearly print your response and state your name, date and title, and position you are applying for, on the page.
      1. Describe your experience reading, interpreting and drafting plans.
      2. Describe your experience writing and presenting at public hearings, community meetings and other workshops.
      3. Describe your experience working with local, regional, state and federal agencies and Native American tribes in California.
      Preference in hiring is given to: (1) Qualified Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria members; and (2) qualified American Indians in accordance with Title 25, U.S. Code, Section 472 and 473. Applicants asserting American Indian preference must submit verifying information, such as written confirmation of tribal citizenship, Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood, or other documentary evidence.
      SALARY: DOE.
      TO APPLY:
      Submit resume, cover letter and supplemental questions to jobs@... or mail to:
      Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, Attention: Human Resources
      6400 Redwood Drive, Suite 300, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
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