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Fw: Greenbelt Alliance East Bay job notice

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      Subject: Fw: Greenbelt Alliance East Bay job notice

      Greenbelt Alliance is seeking a skilled, committed organizer/advocate

      to head up our campaigns to stop sprawl and promote livable,

      affordable communities in Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

      I have pasted the job description below and also attached it. If you

      know of anyone who would be a strong candidate, please pass this on

      and encourage them to apply. Also, I encourage you to pass this

      announcement on to your friends and allies who might be able to help

      us identify strong candidates.

      Thanks for the help, and my apologies to anyone who has received this

      announcement multiple times.

      Jeremy Madsen

      Greenbelt Alliance

      Field Director


      Job Description


      Full-time position

      Position Summary

      The East Bay Field Representative will lead advocacy efforts to stop

      sprawl and encourage smart growth in Contra Costa and Alameda

      counties. To accomplish these goals, the East Bay Field

      Representative will run Greenbelt Alliance's Walnut Creek office as

      the local center for land use advocacy. The East Bay Field

      Representative will provide leadership on our critical efforts to

      protect farmland and open space, encourage affordable infill

      development, and invest in effective transportation solutions in

      Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

      The East Bay Field Representative will report to the Field Director

      and work closely with the entire Greenbelt Alliance team, including

      central staff in San Francisco, field representatives throughout the

      Bay Area, and volunteers in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. See

      www.greenbelt.org to learn more about our work.

      The ideal candidate will have proven experience in grassroots

      organizing, political campaigns, volunteer coordination, and land use


      Key Responsibilities:

      Advocacy: Lead local campaign efforts to secure permanent protection

      of open space, creation of smart growth housing opportunities, and

      enhancement of the quality of life in Contra Costa and Alameda

      counties. Key strategies include coalition building, direct

      lobbying, and media outreach.

      Organizing: Recruit and coordinate activists for specific campaigns

      and for long term political effectiveness.

      Outreach: Coordinate efforts to increase awareness of Greenbelt

      Alliance issues; make presentations to wide variety of community


      Media: Build relationships with local press, serve as key

      spokesperson for local land use issues, develop media campaigns with

      Greenbelt Alliance's Communications Director, write opinion pieces,

      and organize media events.

      Management: Run the East Bay Field Office; manage volunteers and interns.


      The East Bay Field Representative will be enthusiastic and

      self-motivated with some combination of the following skills:

      ? Grassroots organizing

      ? Political strategizing

      ? Campaign management

      ? Public speaking

      ? Persuasive writing

      ? land use planning, community development and/or public policy

      experience helpful

      Car and flexible schedule also required.

      Most importantly, the East Bay Field Representative will be committed

      to protecting the Bay Area's greenbelt and quality of life for this

      and future generations.

      Salary and Benefits

      Greenbelt Alliance is committed to a rewarding work environment. We

      offer a starting salary of $31,000 to $35,000 depending on

      experience; a good medical, dental, vacation, and comp time benefits

      package; and opportunities for skills development and professional


      To Apply

      Send a resume and cover letter to info@....

      Applications can also be sent via regular mail to:

      Greenbelt Alliance

      631 Howard Street, Suite 510

      San Francisco, CA 94105

      Attn: EBFR Search

      Application must be received by August 8, 2003.

      About Greenbelt Alliance

      Greenbelt Alliance mission is to protect open space and promote

      livable communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. For 45 years,

      we've played a big part in making the Bay Area a great place to live,

      work, and play.

      Since 1958, we've been active across the nine county region

      protecting open space, opposing sprawl, and promoting smart growth.

      Greenbelt Alliance has helped save over one million acres of farms,

      watersheds, and recreational greenbelt lands. We are a leader in

      promoting regional solutions to the problems of sprawl and were one

      of the first environmental groups to endorse compact infill

      development and city-centered public transit.

      We will build on this legacy of success in the years to come by

      bringing people together to ensure that the Bay Area remains a great

      place to live -- a thriving metropolitan region with a healthy

      economy surrounded by protected Greenbelt. You can be part of our


      Greenbelt Alliance values a diverse workplace and is an equal

      opportunity employer.

      Updated July 9, 2003

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      Sierra Club - San Francisco Bay Chapter: Discussion about
      Bay Area Environmental and Chapter Issues.

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