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Internship - Nevada City - McCamant & Durrett Architects/The Cohousing Company - Planning internship

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    ... PLANNING INTERN McCamant & Durrett Architects/ The Cohousing Company Nevada City, CA McCAMANT & DURRETT ARCHITECTS/ THE COHOUSING COMPANY (MDA) is an
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      McCamant & Durrett Architects/ The Cohousing Company

      Nevada City, CA

      architecture and consulting firm internationally known for its
      community architecture. We have received extensive recognition in the
      media and through numerous awards for cohousing neighborhoods and
      affordable housing that exemplify a sense of community, as well as for
      mixed-use planning and urban design schemes. The firm employs a staff
      of skilled architects, community organizers and designers. MDA brings
      the highest level of care and design to all of its projects, large or

      INTENT OF THE INTERNSHIP: The intent of the internship is to give
      individuals, who are usually fresh out of planning school (graduate or
      undergraduate), the opportunity for professional growth while they
      contribute to a studio that is doing cutting-edge work. We provide an
      intermediate experience between school and professional work. An
      internship here is an opportunity to participate in an office with a
      distinct social agenda – promotion of community, creating more
      sustainable neighborhoods, and contribution to the human quality of
      the built environment.

      While our firm is predominantly an architecture firm, we are very
      involved in neighborhood design, planning and development research,
      site feasibility and small town planning schemes. Working in our
      office would give you experience interfacing with architects,
      developers, city and county planning officials and many more in the
      field of design and development, depending on the projects we are
      working on at the time of the internship.


      Undergraduate or graduate degree in planning, urban design or a related field.
      Excellent writing and research skills.
      Familiarity with zoning code and development approval process.
      Interest in neighborhood and urban design that demonstrates a genuine
      concern about quality of life issues, social justice, and
      environmental design practices.
      Ability to research and apply for RFQs and RFPs for urban design and
      small planning projects.
      Assist with feasibility research (zoning review, buildable area,
      restrictions, review process, site characteristics, neighborhood
      context, etc.); work with cohousing groups, developers or realtors to
      find potential cohousing sites
      Assist with preparation of written documents for city/county approvals
      (zoning code review, master plan, sustainability requirements, etc.
      Follow local planning and development or regulatory issues for
      involvement (e.g. Housing Element; identification of higher-density
      residential sites, etc.)

      DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: It is our aim to honor natural resources and to
      facilitate environmental design of the highest standard possible. We
      strive to make the buildings and environments beautiful and to employ
      energy- and resource-efficient building techniques. We are interested
      in creating a more livable, walkable living environment through
      pedestrian-measures, more dense building environments, mixed-use
      neighborhoods and many more environmental and sustainable design

      COMPENSATION: Interns volunteer for the first month and are then paid
      minimum wage for the following months. We do not attempt to make
      money with intern labor. If a six-month internship is not possible
      for you, a shorter unpaid option may be possible.

      NEXT STEP: Please send a résumé and samples of your work (planning
      projects or reports; neighborhood schemes – anything written or
      graphic that represents your interests and work to date) to Charles
      Durrett (charles.durrett@...). If we are interested, we
      will call you to set up a time to speak with you. Thanks very much
      for your interest.
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