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PT job - Berkeley/Oakland - Cornerstone Partnership - Housing Policy Researcher

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    ... From: Planning Jobs | Department of City and Regional Planning at Berkeley Date: Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 9:16 PM
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      Date: Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 9:16 PM
      Subject: Planning Jobs - Department of City and Regional Planning at Berkeley

      Housing Policy Researcher

      Posted: 25 Jan 2013 08:57 PM PST

      Compensation: $21/hour 12 hours per week

      Timeframe: 12 weeks Apply by Feb 8th or until filled.

      Researcher needed to study important statewide housing question.
      Background Until they were eliminated in 2012, cities in California
      used Redevelopment Agencies (RAs) to promote community development and
      produce approximately 10,000 affordable homes a year. RAs named
      Successor Agencies to wrap up operations and manage the housing, which
      is made up of both rental and affordable ownership homes. However,
      most of the Successor Agencies don\'t have the expertise or budget to
      carryout their mission. This project is only concerned with the owner
      occupied affordable homes (sometimes called deed restricted or below
      market rate homes), not the rental units. The post RA situation is
      particularly challenging for the management of owner occupied
      affordable homes. While well managed programs often have yearly
      contact with homeowners, many programs often go for several years
      without communication. But agencies have to be ready to act very
      quickly when the homeowner wants to sell (at the deed restricted
      price). If they do not act in a designated amount of time, the
      affordability restrictions will be lost and the unit will revert to
      full market value. This has happened even when there were well funded
      RAs. Some of the larger cities have the capacity to manage these
      programs, but smaller cities do not. Formerly, the cost of managing
      these units was subsidized by RAs, but now most Successor Agencies do
      not have the resources for proper stewardship. Cornerstone Partnership
      and others are alarmed about what could happen to these orphaned
      units. One idea that is being discussed is having an affordable
      housing manager of last resort that would be a state sponsored
      nonprofit or agency. Cities could turn the management of the
      affordable housing units over to the state if they are not capable of
      managing them themselves. This agency or nonprofit would likely lose
      money initially, but eventually policies could be standardized and
      fees charged to the homeowners, which could subsidize the management
      costs. Research Questions To date there has not been a comprehensive
      analysis of the problem or proposal for a solution. We would like the
      following research questions answered:  What are the current
      affordable housing management plans for Redevelopment Agency Successor
      Agencies?  Are these plans realistic and how many units are at
      risk?  What are alternatives to the current chaotic and spread
      pattern of affordable housing management? Is a Statewide
      agency/nonprofit realistic? What would its budget look like? Are there
      other alternatives, like regional solutions, that should be
      considered? Work Product The final work product will be a report that
      includes a description of the problem as well as one or more proposed
      solutions. The potential solutions must be carefully analyzed and
      evaluated, with the pros and cons weighed. Optionally, the proposal
      could include an estimate of the cost to enact the proposals.
      Depending on the skills and interest of the researcher, the report
      could also detail what areas of State law need to be changed to make
      the solution possible, but this would be developed in close
      cooperation with statewide nonprofits. On a parallel track,
      Cornerstone will assemble a group of housing experts to discuss the
      ideas and proposals that the researcher comes up with. Working with
      Housing California and other stakeholders, we will introduce a bill in
      the current legislative session. If time and budget permits, the
      researcher would be welcome to participate in this part of the
      process. Essential Skills  Independent problem solving 
      Excellent writing abilities  Organizational skills  Ability to
      synthesize large amounts of information and identify relevant patterns
       Telephone skills – willingness to cold call public agencies and
      ability to get connected to the right person  Persistence 
      Comfort reading and interpreting legal documents  Ability to
      develop a budget (optional) Previous knowledge of affordable housing
      issues, nonprofits, and the State legislative process are plusses.

      Firm Name: Cornerstone Partnership
      Location: Berkeley/Oakland
      Payment: Paid

      Contact: Joshua Abrams Email: abrams@...

      Posted: Jan 25, 2013

      Category: Housing

      Start Date: 2013-02-11
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