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Clean-fuel vehicle purchase incentive program

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  • Vianey Nava
    CLEAN-FUEL VEHICLE PURCHASE INCENTIVE PROGRAM In order to encourage reduced auto emissions, stimulate the Downtown San José economy, and increase sales of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2003

      In order to encourage reduced auto emissions,
      stimulate the Downtown San Jos� economy, and increase
      sales of Clean-Fuel Vehicles at San Jos� auto
      dealerships, the City of San Jos� Department of
      Transportation recently developed a Clean-Fuel Vehicle
      Purchase Incentive Program that allows FREE parking at
      its Downtown public parking facilities and on-street
      meters throughout the City for Clean-Fuel Vehicles
      purchased in San Jos�.

      Clean-Fuel Vehicles include Hybrid Vehicles, which
      utilize a combination of gasoline and electric power.
      The City Council approved this new program on April
      29, 2003 with the support of environmental groups,
      such as the Kirsch Foundation, which advocates the
      implementation of emerging Alternative Fuel

      DOT will lead the way by providing detailed
      information to dealerships on a $2,000 federal tax
      deduction for new Hybrid vehicle owners in addition to
      free parking in Downtown San Jos� for new vehicle
      purchases after January 1, 2003. The tax incentive is
      available to consumers regardless whether one itemizes
      deductions on their taxes or not.

      "This proposal wins all the way around," said Mayor
      Ron Gonzales. "It helps to reduce air pollution, it
      encourages auto sales in San Jos�, and it will bring
      more people to visit our downtown. This is an
      outstanding package."

      Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles, such as electric
      vehicles, have been enjoying the free parking
      incentive since April 2001. However, new electric
      vehicle models are not readily available to consumers
      due to manufacturing trends in the auto industry, as
      well as price tags that averaged twice the cost of
      normal cars.

      That's where a partnership between the Department of
      Transportation, the Environmental Services Department
      and the Office of Economic Development came together
      with the idea of extending free parking to new Hybrid
      vehicles. Hybrids are readily available at several San
      Jos� auto dealerships and come with a price tag that
      is much easier on the wallet - about 10 percent over
      the normal price of standard autos - which can be
      off-set with the federal tax incentive.

      To qualify for this free parking incentive, car buyers
      can purchase a new Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight
      or Toyota Prius at San Jos� auto dealers. These
      dealers will provide new buyers with an application
      for a special permit, which is obtained from the San
      Jos� Department of Transportation.

      Hybrid vehicles generally get nearly 60 miles to the
      gallon. By the end of 2003, Ford will release a 2004
      Escape Hybrid, a mid-size SUV, and plans to offer a
      Hybrid version of the popular Ford Explorer SUV in
      2005. Mercedes also plans to release a Hybrid.

      With the variety of models planned for release over
      the next few years, everyone is bound to find a Hybrid
      vehicle to satisfy their needs, save on the cost of
      gasoline and contribute to a cleaner environment.

      The San Jos� Downtown Association has endorsed the
      program because it will create additional
      opportunities to welcome visitors to Downtown.
      According to Downtown Association president Jan
      Schneider, "This will benefit both new car owners who
      buy hybrids, and our members who are local restaurants
      and merchants in downtown San Jos�."

      Scott Knies, Executive Director of the San Jos�
      Downtown Association remarked, "A friend of mine just
      drove to Los Angeles and back on a single tank of gas
      in a new Hybrid. With fuel economy like that, I want
      to get one too."

      For more information on the San Jos� Clean-Fuel
      Vehicle Purchase Incentive Program, contact Jason
      Burton at (408) 794-1427 or jason.burton@... .

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