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Sacramento Area COG Seeks Transit Planner

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      Subject: Sacramento Area COG Seeks Transit Planner

      Organization: Sacramento Area Council of Governments
      Department/Address: 3000 Sacramento, CA 95816-7056

      Phone: (916) 457-2264
      Website: http://www.sacog.org
      Job Title: Assistant/Associate Transit Planner
      Job Type: Full-time


      Organization Description:

      The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is an association of
      local governments formed by six counties and nineteen cities. SACOG serves

      the Counties of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba.

      SACOG is governed by a Board of Directors composed of County Supervisors
      and City Councilpersons appointed by the member jurisdictions. The Board
      advised by several policy and technical committees. A full-time staff is
      employed to implement Council policies and work programs, staff the SAFE
      program for the region and to coordinate the efforts of consultants who
      retained to augment the staff's efforts.

      What are the purposes of SACOG? SACOG serves as an advisory agency to
      governments on matters of interjurisdictional concern, and has developed a

      comprehensive planning program in the areas of transportation, transit,
      quality, aviation, and airport land use. SACOG also operates the Rideshare

      program and the motorist aid call box program.

      How is SACOG funded? Funds for the Council are obtained from local, state,

      and federal sources. Member cities and countries contribute a portion of
      the cost of the program with fees prorated on a population basis. The
      contributions are used to match funds provided by various state agencies
      and the U.S. departments.

      Position Description:

      Salary Range: Assistant Planner $3,882 - $4,719 Associate Planner $4,494 -

      $5,462 per month, DOQ

      Final Filing Date: July 17, 2003 at 4:30pm

      Send Required Documents to: Sacramento Area Council of Governments 3000
      Stree, Suite 300 Sacramento, CA 95816 ATTN: Human Resources Phone (916)
      457-2264 TDD: (916) 737-1718 www.sacog.org

      The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is seeking qualified
      candidates for the position of an Assistan/Associate Transit Planner. This

      position will have technical planning and administrative responsibilities
      in the areas of transit planning, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and

      state grant programs and the Transportation Development Act (TDA) program.

      The position will be filled at either the Assistant or Associate
      classification. The expected start date is September 2, 2003.

      Examples of Duties: As a memebr of SACOG's transit planning team, and
      the supervision of senior staff, participate in the development of transit

      plans and the paratransit and transportation-related planning studies
      conducted by SACOG staff or consultants; TDA administration including the
      "unmet transit needs" process, TDA claims adminstration, performance
      audits, transit monitoring; preparing and administering state and federal
      grants; preparing and managing RFPs; transit and sercie planning and
      evaluation studies, short-range transit plans, special transit service
      studies including paratransit, senior and ADA services, transit marketing,

      regional transit inter-operator service integration and coordination with
      SACOG's Transit Coordinating Committee.

      Works as part of a team on a variety of projects, gathers and analyzes a
      variety of information and data for the preparation of transportation
      planning reports and studies; performs office and field assignments;
      compiles, analyzes, summarizes and interprets data and presents it in the
      form of projects; answers inquiries and assists the public in matters
      relating to the functions of the Board; liaison with agencies involved in
      planning studies and projects; plans and prepares moderately complex
      planning projects or significant portions of complex projects. Work at the

      Associate level increases in complexity and responsibility.

      Salary: Assistant Planner :$46,584 - $56,623 annually; Associate Planner:
      $53,927 - $65,549 annually. The position will be filled at either salary
      range depending on qualifications. The position is subject to a COLA
      effective 8/1/03.

      Employment Standards: Education, training, and/or experience which
      demonstrates the application of the skills listed above, such as a
      bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in
      transportation, urban or regional planning, economics, public
      administration or a related field and at least one year of professional
      planning experience for the Assistant level and at least two years of
      professional planning experience for the Associate level. Work experience
      in transit planning will be the primary factor in determining the most
      qualified applicants. Working knowledge of spreadsheets, databases, and
      word processing software is necessary. Working knowledge of ArcView is

      Abilities: Outstanding written and oral expression and good analytical
      abilityl knowledge of principles and techniques of research and
      analysis as applied to transit and transportation planning; familiarity
      with current trends and issues in planning; ability to work with a team of

      professionals as well as to complete individual assignments; effectively
      present proposals and ideas to groups and individuals; establish and
      maintain effective working relationships with internal staff and others
      contracted in the course of work. At the Associate level, responsibilities

      may include leading less experienced personnel in assignments and the
      coordination of complex planning projects.

      Application procedures: Send a fully complete and signed SACOG Employment
      Application (available on our web site), and a detailed resume and cover
      letter to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, 300 "S" Street,
      300, Sacramento, CA 95816-7056 Attn: Human Resources.

      The final filing date for this position is Thursday July 17, 2003 at
      4:30pm. Candidates determined to be the most qualified will be invited to
      an interview. Upon acceptance of an offer of employment, the successful
      applicant must submit the appropriate documentation of his/her legal right

      to work in the United States.
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