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ULI Panel: "Bay Area Apartment Market - Is the Bubble Getting Bigger?" (Walnut Creek; 10/25)

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    [From //www.ulisf.org/events/ulisf-presents-bay-area-apartment-market-is-the-bubble-getting-bigger/] Please join ULI’s East Bay Committee and three
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      [From //www.ulisf.org/events/ulisf-presents-bay-area-apartment-market-is-the-bubble-getting-bigger/]

      Please join ULI’s East Bay Committee and three distinguished apartment
      developers for an informal panel discussion with Bob Burke of
      Greenheart Land Company to understand the different perspectives of a
      small private builder, a large private developer as well as a large
      REIT on the current Bay Area trends in Apartment development. Panel
      questions will include: Will the market last through 2013 or will the
      lack of job growth outside of Silicon Valley and San Francisco catch
      up to the outlying markets. How will thousands of new units in Silicon
      Valley affect that submarket? Will the surge in construction starts
      increase hard costs to point where some projects become infeasible?
      Will the resurgence of the For Sale market reduce the number of
      renters as more people realize it may be cheaper to buy than rent? The
      Panel will also explore the ever-changing financing market as well the
      investment market for apartments. These topics along with audience
      questions will be part of this very lively discussion.

      This event is sponsor eligible.

      John Millham, Prometheus
      John Wayland, BRE Properties
      Chris Hudson, Hudson McDonald

      $35 Members / $85 Non-Members
      $15 Public Members / $45Public Non-Members
      $20 YLG Members / $65 YLG Non-Members
      $10 Student Members / $20 Student Non-Members

      Registration closes 2 business days before the event.

      Registration: http://netforum.uli.org/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?webcode=DCouncilEventInfo&Reg_evt_key=67ccfe28-39d9-400e-8478-8eaf2a1714d9&RegPath=EventRegFees
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