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Paid Internship: Organics/Energy Work Plan Implementation, City of San Jose, Environmental Services Department

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Organics/Energy Work Plan Implementation Internship [image: Paid Internship] Organization/Agency: *City of San Jose, Environmental Services Department*
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2012
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      Organics/Energy Work Plan Implementation Internship

      [image: Paid Internship]

      Organization/Agency: *City of San Jose, Environmental Services Department*

      Supervisor/Sponsor: *Michele Young*

      Supervisor/Sponsor title: *Organics Program Manager*

      Address: *200 E Santa Clara St., San Jose CA* Email: *

      Phone: *408-975-2519* Website: *www.sjrecycles.org*

      Number of interns needed/Hours Needed for quarters:
      Options (choose one)

      worked per intern: * x *Fall
      * x *Winter
      * x *Remove listing by: *1-2 interns*
      *x *Spring * x *Summer
      January 2013

      * 20-40 hrs*/week

      * *

      Describe the internship assignment:

      Are you a good writer with strong analytical skills? Are you interested in
      the environmental field? Do you want to learn about waste diversion,
      conversion of organics to energy, and integrated organics management? If
      so, here is an opportunity for you.

      The City of San Jose Environmental Services Department, whose mission is to
      work with our community to conserve resources and safeguard the environment
      for future generations, is seeking interns to support implementation of the
      City�s Organics Strategic Plan. The Organics Strategic Plan includes the
      following activity areas:

      � Compost demonstration and research

      � Sustainable landscaping

      � Organics outreach and education

      � Compostable plastics management

      � Renewable energy from organics

      In October 2007, City of San Jose unveiled its Green Vision for the
      future. The Green Vision provides a comprehensive approach to
      sustainability through innovation and new technology. In adopting its
      Green Vision, the City established 10 goals to be achieved within 15
      years. Goal Five reads: Divert 100 percent of the waste from our landfill
      and convert waste to energy.

      The Zero Waste Strategic Plan (ZWSP) was created to detail the current
      status of the City�s solid waste system and to identify the programs and
      actions needed to reach the zero waste goal. The Zero Waste Strategic Plan
      and Conversion Technology Appendix can be found at:

      * *

      *Prerequisites: *

      � Excellent writing skills

      � Research and analysis skills

      � Presentation and outreach experience

      � Proficiency with computers including Web research, Word, Excel,
      Publisher applications, and Map Software

      � Interest in sustainability and the health of the environment

      � Ability to create work products in a collaborative team

      � Resourceful self-starter with ability to progress with limited

      Interns are able to work 20 hours/week during the school year and 40
      hours/week during breaks, the workgroup is looking for a minimum of a one
      year commitment. The City of San Jose can pay for intern hours per City�s
      graduate/undergraduate pay schedule.

      To apply, please contact Michele Young at 408-975-2519 or by email at

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