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Potential Urbanist Field Notes Contributions

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  • Jason Su
    Hi everyone, SPUR is looking for Urban Field Notes submissions for their monthly Urbanist magazine. If you are interested, please see the call for submission
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2012
      Hi everyone, SPUR is looking for Urban Field Notes submissions for their
      monthly Urbanist magazine. If you are interested, please see the call for
      submission below.

      SPUR *Urbanist* -- Urban Field Notes

      *Notes for Contributors*

      Thank you for your interest in contributing to Urban Field Notes: An
      Additive Archive of Cultural Landscapes and Observations Collectively
      Compiled by SPUR Members & Friends. The following guidelines will help your
      prepare your submission.

      *TOPICS:* There are no real limits on topics for Urban Field Notes. It is
      satisfying to collect great examples of a well established urban form such
      as front stoops, sidewalk planters, or public art works. It can be equally
      satisfying to define your own urban design feature or experience�best spots
      for people-watching, good places to make up stories about the laundry
      hanging on clotheslines, etc. Before proceeding, you should discuss your
      topic with Urban Field Notes editor Ruth Keffer. You can contact her at
      rekeffer@..., or through SPUR at fieldnotes@....

      *FORMAT FOR CONTENT:* While the content of Urban Field Notes will vary
      widely, the format should keep to a �field guide� style, including a title,
      a brief introduction, a series of examples, and captions.

      *TITLE:* Usually, the title will include the number of examples and the
      urban form or experience being catalogued. Previous Urban Field Notes
      titles have included �Seven observations of an aerial pedestrian�� and
      �Lessons from 8 SF alleys� and �Six haikus about SF�s renegade buildings.�

      *INTRODUCTION:* The introduction should state the whys and wherefores of
      your interest in this particular urban phenomenon, giving the background
      needed to understand your choices. It should be between 150 and 250 words.

      *NUMBER OF IMAGES:* You can include anywhere from 5 to 10 images in your
      submission. They can be photographs, drawings, collages, etc. Please keep
      in mind that since Urban Field Notes is typically a two-page spread, the
      more images you include, the smaller the reproductions will be. 5-7 images
      is usually appropriate, but of course this will vary.

      *IMAGE CAPTIONS:* Each image should be accompanied by a descriptive
      caption, usually 30-60 words).

      *IMAGE CREDITS:* SPUR prefers original images. If the images are not your
      own, you should state their source. The contributor is responsible for all
      copyright clearances and fees. SPUR reserves the right to require evidence
      of copyright clearance as needed.

      *AUTHOR BIO: *Your submission should be accompanied by a brief
      biographical statement of no more than 50 words. If you have a website, or
      would like to include your email address, feel free. PLEASE NOTE: You need
      not be an urban design professional, architect or urban planner to submit
      to Urban Field Notes, though we welcome submissions from these folks as

      *FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION:* Electronic submission is strongly encouraged.
      Text should be formatted in a standard word-processing program such as
      Word. Images should be jpgs or pdfs of good quality resolution. Images will
      be reproduced in black and white in the magazine and in color on the SPUR
      blog. Each image file should be clearly named so that it can matched with
      the correct caption. Submissions can be emailed to the editor, uploaded to
      the SPUR ftp site, or delivered to the SPUR offices at 654 Mission Street,
      San Francisco, CA 94105. Instructions for uploading images and text can be
      obtained from the Urban Field Notes editor.

      *DEADLINE:* The Urban Field Notes feature runs in every issue of *The
      Urbanist*. Please discuss the timing and deadlines for your feature with
      the Urban Field Notes editor.

      *COPYEDITING:* SPUR reserves the right to edit your submission for style
      and length.

      *RIGHTS & REPRODUCTION:* SPUR reserves the right to republish
      contributions to Urban Field Notes on its website and in future

      *Jason Su*
      Master of Urban Planning Candidate, 2013
      *San Jose State University*

      President | *Urban Planning Coalition |* www.theupc.org |
      President & Editor | *City Studies | *www.citystudies.org |
      Cal Planner Coordinator | APA California | www.calapa.org

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