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Job Announcement: Conservation Planning/GIS Technician, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

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  • Dayana Salazar
    *Conservation Planning/GIS Technician, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority* * * The Open Space Authority is seeking a passionate, diligent and analytical
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      *Conservation Planning/GIS Technician, Santa Clara County Open Space


      The Open Space Authority is seeking a passionate, diligent and analytical
      Conservation Planning/GIS Technician with excellent project management and
      communication skills. The Technician conducts essential research, analysis,
      and GIS mapping in support of the Authority’s open space planning, land
      acquisition, and land management programs. Primary responsibilities include
      oversight of the Authority’s GIS program and datasets; use of GIS and other
      tools to identify conservation priorities; property research and evaluation
      of potential land purchases; preparation of use and management plans for
      Authority land holdings; creation of compelling maps, graphics, and
      brochures; and technical support on a number of special land protection

      The Conservation Planning/GIS Technician works both independently on a
      number of projects and will serve as a critical team member to provide
      research and mapping support on two groundbreaking projects: an Ecosystem
      Services Valuation of Santa Clara County, and development of a long‐range
      Conservation Vision for the county. These projects will involve
      considerable collaboration with and outreach to stakeholders and members of
      the community. In addition to this work, the Technician will work closely
      with other staff to prepare and implement plans to open new Authority
      properties to the public, and to secure grant funding to implement a number
      of habitat restoration and enhancement projects.

      The ideal candidate for this position is passionate about land
      conservation, has a strong work ethic, and brings creativity and precision
      to bear on his or her work. The candidate has an excellent working
      knowledge of GIS, a background in planning, geography, or resource
      management, and can use GIS and other digital media to create compelling
      maps and graphics in support of
      the Authority’s land protection programs.

      Salary begins at $26.43 per hour.

      Knowledge of principles and techniques of GIS analysis and graphic
      production using GIS software and other digital media; basic principles and
      practices of urban, regional, environmental, open space planning, and
      resource management; principles of research and data collection pertaining
      to property evaluation and familiarity with basic site plans, property
      descriptions, deeds, and survey
      data; understanding of modern office practices, methods, and u s e o f
      computer equipment and applications related to the work, including
      Microsoft Office and ESRI ArcGIS software. Ability to perform field surveys
      and investigations, often in remote locations; collect and integrate GPS
      data into GIS format; compile and interpret data from topographical maps,
      aerial photos, legal descriptions, and development plans; conduct
      statistical research and analyze data pertaining to a variety of
      conservation and other open space matters; understand and interpret various
      boundary descriptions and deed restrictions and other documents; establish
      and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the
      course of work including private consultants, contractors, public
      officials, staff, Board members, and the general public; work both
      independently to
      complete projects on time, and as a contributing member of project teams;
      perform multiple tasks under deadlines; use database and word processing
      applications, and maintain accurate files.

      B.A. or B.S. from a four‐year college or university with course work in
      urban or regional planning, environmental planning, geography, landscape
      architecture, natural resource management or related fields. Coursework or
      experience with Geographic Information Systems is required. Minimum two
      years of experience in parks, open space, planning, resource management, or
      similar field. A Master’s degree can substitute for one year of experience.

      Announcement at:

      *Paste your resume

      Hello and Welcome to Santa Clara Open Space Authority - we are excited that
      you are interested in working with us! The automated phone interview is one
      of the many tools in our hiring process. We appreciate your time and...

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