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Student planning activities (international)

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Some of you might be interested in getting in touch with the author of this email to learn more about the student group he hopes to set up in the U.S. Also
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2003
      Some of you might be interested in getting in touch with the author of
      this email to learn more about the student group he hopes to set up in the
      U.S. Also note that the website PlaNet for planning students might be of
      interest to some (http://www.planningnetwork.org/) It has a European

      Asha Weinstein
      Department of Urban and Regional Planning
      San José State University
      One Washington Square
      San Jose, CA 95192-0185
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      phone: 408-924-5853
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      Duane De <dddewitt@...>
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      05/22/2003 03:18 PM

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      Subject: Fwd: [planet] New journal of the built environment

      Hello I am Duane De Witt, a new admit to the MCP
      program in the fall. Below is a message from a group
      of student planners in Copenhagen, Denmark. After the
      Danish part is an announcement in English from a
      student in Britain interested in submissions to a new
      journal. Please read it. This July, I will try to
      attend a meeting of the International planning student
      group PlaNet in Europe. I attended one last year in
      Denmark. They are a good group of people and would
      like to partner with us at Cal. I would like to start
      Cal PlaNet this year. Please give me a write back if
      you are interested in this totally student run
      planning group currently in 8 or so European nations
      and a chapter at Columbia U. in NYC.
      It will be fun, informative and thought provoking.
      When I return from the Amsterdam conference I will
      share written info with all who are interested rather
      than jamming up the Planning announce email board.
      Thanks for your time and all the best. Duane De Witt
      Note: forwarded message attached.

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      [planet] New journal of the built environment
      Kære alle,
      Paul Clark fra University of Cambridge søger sparring til at skabe et
      nyt tværfagligt tidsskrift om det bebyggede miljø. Han har skrevet et
      oplæg (læs nedenstående), og det virker til, at der kunne være god
      mulighed for, at alle fagligheder kan komme i spil.
      Hvis én af jer bliver inspireret, kan I skrive til Paul Clark på

      Mange hilsner

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      Sent: 22. maj 2003 23:42
      To: PlaNet-L@...-Berlin.de
      Subject: [PlaNet-L] New journal of the built environment

      Dear all,

      I am writing to request contributions to a new journal that I am
      starting up concerning anything and everything to do with the built

      I am about to finish a Masters degree in Land Economy at the University
      of Cambridge (previous degrees in Urban Planning from Nottingham and
      Town and Country Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning,
      Univerity College London) and have come to realise that there aren't any
      accessible journals or publications that deal with the wider concepts
      associated with the built environment.

      As such I am looking to produce something without any
      professional/academic/national boundaries on issues related to the city
      and the urban form. I envisage this to range from anything from Le
      Corbusier to congestion charging and thought that this e-mail list might
      be a good place to start.

      The articles don't have to be of an academic nature but anything you
      feel may be of interest to a wide audience. The pieces can be as simple
      as descriptions of your experience of movement through a city or a piece
      on your favourite urban space or building. You might have an essay that
      you have done, or are currently doing, but if in doubt just send it on!
      English only though please.

      At the moment it has the working name of "OPPIDAN" - an old english word
      for 'urban'. Comments on whether you think this is suitable, or any
      alternatives, would be gratefully received.

      Please forward this on as widely as possible and I look forward to
      hearing from you soon.

      Many thanks

      Paul Clark
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