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  • Peter Weschler
    ... From: alisa shen To: peterwe@california.com Cc: Ellen Clark Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 1:48 PM Subject: Fwd: text for Livermore facilitators Hi Peter, I
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      Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 1:48 PM
      Subject: Fwd: text for Livermore facilitators

      Hi Peter,

      I think I may have mentioned this to you early on when we first talked about the Smart Growth/Footprint Project.  We are also helping to lead a visioning process for the City of Livermore that will be similar to the Smart Growth/Footprint project (but with a smaller scope).  We are again, looking for people who are interested in being small group facilitators. 

      Could you forward this to people (SJSU and others with planning/facilitation backgrounds) who you might think would be interested?  People who are interested should contact Ellen Clark a.s.a.p. at my office (as the email describes below).




      Interested in gaining hands-on facilitation experience and supplementing your income while participating in an important local planning effort?

      DC&E needs approximately 35 small group facilitators for public workshops for the Livermore Vision Project.

      What is the Livermore Vision Project?
      The Vision Project is a city-wide public participation process to develop consensus regarding the future of Livermore and its final buildout.  The results of the Vision Project will be reviewed by the City Council and incorporated in the General Plan update that will begin in 2002. 

      What is the Role of the Facilitators?
      Facilitators are needed for five community workshops that will be held as part of the Vision Project, in which residents will determine the City's "Vision" for the future.  Facilitators are needed for each of these workshops to facilitate small group discussions and to encourage participants to share those ideas.   The small groups will consist of local community members and representatives of organizations interested in planning and development issues in Livermore.

      The five workshops will begin in September and will occur on the following dates, approximately two weeks apart. All workshops will take place between 6:30 and 9:30 PM and will be held in Livermore. 
            Thursday, September 6
            Thursday, September 20
            Thursday, October 4
            Thursday, October 18
            Wednesday, November 28 You will need to commit to come to all of the workshops, as well as a training session, which will take place in late August.  (Date is to be finalized, but will probably be August 27, in Oakland).

      We need approximately 35 small group facilitators for the public workshops

      What Qualifications do I Need?
      We are seeking facilitators who have an understanding of local land use planning issues.  Some knowledge of the type of issues faced by Bay Area communities such as Livermore would be beneficial.  Such issues include growth of jobs and housing, quality of life, transportation, downtown revitalization and natural resource and open space preservation.  Past facilitation experience would also be a plus.

      This will be an excellent opportunity to pick up facilitation skills, and will give you an  in depth look at the planning issues facing a particular Bay Area community.  You'd also get paid $20 per hour, including your travel time.

      Depending on the level of interest, we may also organize a vanpool/shuttle from Dublin BART Station to the workshop location.

      Please contact me ASAP, either by email at ellen@..., or by phone at 510.848.3815, if you are interested in facilitating.

      Also, please pass this on to your friends who might be interested!


      Note: Some of you may have received or responded to an earlier request for facilitators for the Regional Agencies Smart Growth /Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Development Regional Livability Footprint Project.  Although DC&E is leading the public input process for both projects and we need facilitators for both projects, the two projects are not related.

      Ellen Clark, Project Planner
      Design, Community and Environment
      1600 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 222
      Berkeley, CA  94703
      (510) 848 3815

      Alisa Shen
      Design Community & Environment
      1600 Shattuck Avenue, Ste. 222
      Berkeley, CA 94709



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