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SPUR Event - Pecha Kucha SJ, Call for presenters

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  • Jason Su
    Hi everyone! SPUR is looking for speakers for a fun night of quick-fire presentations on What SJ Means to Me. If you haven t been to a Pecha Kucha before, it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2012
      Hi everyone!

      SPUR is looking for speakers for a fun night of quick-fire presentations on
      "What SJ Means to Me." If you haven't been to a Pecha Kucha before, it is a
      presentation format that began in Tokyo but has since spread around the
      world and that features an individual presenting 20 slides at 20 seconds
      per slide. Because of this timing and the small number of slides,
      presentations are quick and concise, offering speakers a way to quickly
      make a point. Additionally, the automatically transitioning slides and
      short presentation make the style conducive to all types of presenters, but
      those that really do well are dynamic speakers.

      Presentations don't need to be directly answering that prompt; rather as
      long as the presentation touches the topic, even at a tangent, the audience
      will relate.

      If you, or anyone you know would be interested in speaking it would be
      awesome. Pecha Kucha presentations can run the gamut of emotions over the
      course of a night, from heartwarmingly hilarious or heartbreakingly sad, so
      there is huge diversity in terms of content.
      Please contact Noah Christman, Public Programming Manager of SPUR at
      415.644.4282 or
      nchristman@... if you are interested.
      The event is on Monday, July 23rd at 6:00pm.

      *Jason Su*
      Master of Urban Planning Candidate, 2013
      *San Jose State University*

      President & Editor | *City Studies | *www.citystudies.org |
      President | *Urban Planning Coalition |* www.theupc.org |
      Campaign Intern | *Greenbelt Alliance | * www.greenbelt.org/ |

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