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GIS Internship Program - Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department

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  • Rick Kos
    *GIS Internship Program* Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department *For more information, contact:* Matt Lamborn, GIS Consultant to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2012
      *GIS Internship Program*
      Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department

      *For more information, contact:*
      Matt Lamborn, GIS Consultant to Napa County
      Napa Co. Planning, Building and Environmental Services
      1195 Third Street, Suite 210
      Napa, CA 94559
      Phone: (707) 253‐2326
      Email: Matt.Lamborn@...

      The Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services
      Department (PBES) offers GIS (Geographic Information System) internship
      opportunities throughout the year to qualified students who have
      successfully completed introductory GIS coursework. The internship
      program offers students a unique opportunity to gain hands‐on
      experience using GIS in a public agency setting.

      Student participants in the Napa County PBES GIS Internship Program will
      gain experience using GIS for public planning, environmental review, and
      project management purposes. The program is designed to mentor
      students while providing much needed real‐world work experience and a
      hands‐on learning environment for those who aspire to be geospatial
      professionals. Participants will play a key role in helping to maintain the
      Department’s critical datasets while getting valuable experience in GIS
      project planning, GIS data editing, quality control and assurance, and GIS

      *How long does the internship last, and is there a time commitment?*
      Internship cycles generally span 3‐4 months and are usually part time, with
      a minimum commitment of 12 hours per week. PBES aims to help students
      develop a custom schedule that accommodates school work and other
      outside responsibilities, although a predictable schedule with regular work
      days and hours are expected. The internship program is currently unpaid.

      *What is expected of a PBES GIS Intern?*
      You will be expected to work alongside PBES’s team of GIS professionals to
      complete GIS‐related tasks and projects. You will be asked to work with
      staff to design a small GIS project for which you will take lead
      responsibility for its design and completion. The project component of the
      internship is designed to give interns hands‐on GIS planning and
      management experience while providing a tangible outcome that can be
      used in a student’s resume and portfolio.

      *Minimum Qualifications*
      - Current or past enrollment in a degree or certificate program in GIS,
      geography, urban planning, or related field.
      - Experience using ESRI ArcGIS software, including ArcMap and ArcCatalog.
      - Familiarity with basic GIS concepts, including data creation and
      management, cartography, metadata creation, and spatial analysis.
      - Must be able to work collaboratively with the GIS Consultant and other
      County Staff, as well as independently.
      - Ability to keep a regular (part‐time) schedule of office hours.

      *What will I be doing as a PBES GIS Intern?*
      As an intern you’ll be exposed to a wide range tasks, including some non‐
      GIS related duties. Interns spend most of their time on the following GIS
      - Adding and editing GIS features
      - Adding and editing attribute data
      - Maintaining and updating metadata
      - Reviewing edits for completeness and accuracy
      - Working with staff to complete other tasks in support of the overall
      GIS program in PBES

      *What are the benefits of the PBES GIS Internship Program?*
      Student interns will benefit in a number of ways from the program:
      - Gain real‐world, hands‐on experience in a public agency setting
      - Work with high‐quality, interesting GIS datasets
      - Gain experience working in an enterprise, ArcSDE GIS environment
      - Gain exposure to the public planning process
      - Increase your competitiveness in the job market by gaining
      work experience
      - Boost your resume and portfolio by designing, managing, and completing
      your own GIS project

      *What previous interns have*
      *to say about the program:*

      "The opportunity to intern at Napa
      County PBES and work with the
      very special people who organized
      the program made it an invaluable
      experience. I was able to utilize
      ArcGIS in a professional, friendly
      environment gaining hands on
      experience with GIS project
      planning, data editing and QC
      reporting. I highly recommend this
      program to anyone with the desire
      to learn more about GIS
      applications and how to apply
      those applications in a real world
      – Amanda D.

      “I would recommend the program
      to any student who wants hands‐
      on GIS experience in a professional
      setting. My internship gave me
      valuable experience planning GIS
      projects, creating and editing data,
      and performing QA/QC on GIS
      – Monica C.

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