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Full Time Position (Oakland CA)

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      Subject: Full Time Position (Oakland CA)

      Community Technical Assistance Coordinator
      Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization, a non-profit community-based
      organization, is seeking a qualified Community Technical Assistance Coordinator to provide and facilitate information as a tool for community empowerment
      and change. The Technical Assistance Coordinator will collect and report
      relevant data; train community members to effectively use information to
      pursue their strategies (including tools for impacting media, policy, and
      community education,); and build community capacity to sustain these
      activities through the development of an Environmental Justice Resource

      The Technical Assistance Coordinator will focus primarily on performing research and analysis of West Oakland indicators of
      environmental and economic health.

      · Perform research to move forward community campaigns, using secondary data
      collection, accessing Agency/Government databases, and Geographic
      Information Systems; updating the West Oakland Environmental Indicators;
      and creating accessible materials to present information to the public.

      · Create and updating presentations, brochures, and indicator reports and
      fact sheets to present collected data and indicators. (10-15%)

      · Work with the WO EIP Committee to organize and implement trainings of
      community residents on presenting collected data for community education,
      organizing, policy change, and media strategies. (20%)

      · Provide administrative support to the West Oakland Environmental
      Indicators Project Committee (10%)

      · Assess the information needs of community organizations, residents.

      · Research and coordinate opportunity to fulfill data needs including:
      agency/NGO partnerships, university/community partnerships, accessing
      agency databases. (both, 10-15%)

      · Facilitate a community collaborative process to develop a strategic plan
      for the Environmental Justice Resource Center, developing financial plan
      and fundraising to implement plan. (10%)

      · Fundraising to support the Environmental Indicators Project and
      environmental programs in West Oakland. (10%)

      · Minimum Bachelor's degree required
      · Experience performing research, analysis, and reporting
      · Expertise in MS Word, Excel, and database programs
      · Experience with GIS desirable
      · Excellent written and communication skills
      · Experience working in communities of color and in urban neighborhoods
      · Experience facilitating collaborative community processes
      · Experience communicating technical information in non-technical language
      · Experience with fundraising and proposal development
      · Knowledge of community building, equity and justice issues
      · Knowledgeable about West Oakland

      Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization
      Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization (CWOR) is a non-profit community
      advocacy organization formed in 1992 to fight for environmental justice
      rights, racial and cultural equity, strong community-based economy, and
      improved physical and social conditions for West Oakland residents. CWOR
      accomplishes this broad-based mission by operating through its Coalition
      of residents, property owners, business, non-profit and community based
      organization, churches and public and private entities that all work
      tirelessly to protect West Oakland from serious environmental pollutants,
      gentrification, strip-mall development and the socioeconomic,
      institutional and public policy issues faced by disenfranchised minority
      communities. CWOR is a membership organization with an active, local
      Board of Directors who enact solutions to community concerns by directing
      community-led task force efforts.

      This is a full time position. Salary is commensurate with experience and
      does not include benefits. Salary range is $42-48K/year.

      Please send resume, cover letter and a writing sample to Monsa Nitoto at cwor2cwor1@... by May 31. For more information about the position see www.neip.org.
      Citizens for West Oakland Revitalization is an equal opportunity employer.
      People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply.
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