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Fwd: Planning jobs for students (Oregon)

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      >>The RARE Program is a National Service/AmeriCorps Program. We would like
      >>announce our call for applications for October 2003.
      >>The mission of the RARE Program is to increase the capacity of rural
      >>communities to improve their economic, social, and environmental
      >>through the assistance of trained graduate-level members who live and
      >>in communities for 11 months. Qualified college graduates and
      >>students who are selected as RARE members assist communities and
      agencies in
      >>the development and implementation of plans for achieving a sustainable
      >>natural resource base and improving rural economic conditions.
      >>Members receive a $1,250/monthly living stipend and medical health
      >>insurance. In addition, at the successful completion of 11 months of
      >>service, RARE members are eligible to receive an educational award of
      >>from AmeriCorps.
      >>Our general web page address is <http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~rare>.
      >>Once you enter the flash version you can navigate through the page by
      >>the toolbar on the left hand side of the page.
      >>To see the Frequently Asked Questions page click on members then the
      >>this page should answer a lot of your questions about the program.
      >>Our program timeline and application process for 2003-2004 can be found
      >>under member on the left hand toolbar and then click on application
      >>materials. We require our electronic application form, a resume and
      >>responses to the essay questions, all of which can be found on the web
      >>Member & Application Materials. Applications are due on June 16, 2003.
      >>of the application components will be required electronically.
      >>Below is a list of potential Resource Assistance for Rural Environments
      >>(RARE) positions available in the Fall of 2003.
      >>1. Education and Outreach Coordinator ­ Corvallis, OR
      >>Provide leadership and coordination in community organizing for
      >>water quality projects; help develop volunteer groups for ongoing 'adopt
      >>stream' program.
      >>2. Project Coordinator ­ Cascade Locks, OR
      >>Oversee telecommunications project development and enhancement; research
      >>criteria for low impact hydropower certification, and identify a
      >>to perform reconnaissance feasibility study; coordinate the City's
      >>of utility poles and undergrounding of power lines in environmentally
      >>sensitive areas; follow through on incorporation of recently adopted
      >>downtown plan into the community development code.
      >>3. Natural Hazards Planner ­ Florence, OR
      >>Compile digital library of natural hazard data; make data accessible to
      >>general public; create a public portal for natural hazards data; report
      >>findings to civic organizations.
      >>4. Parks and Recreation District Planner ­ Harrisburg, OR
      >>Assess the present and future needs of the city for parks and
      >>determine how best to fund park land acquisition, development and
      >>maintenance; provide leadership in the formation of a Parks and
      >>District; prepare a design for local streets as part of the city's
      >>Transportation System Plan.
      >>5. Tourism and Natural History Park Plan Developer ­ Seaside, OR
      >>Review and evaluate parking and congestion conditions; survey tourist
      >>perceptions of congestion; develop conceptual plan to guide and promote
      >>development of a natural history park of the Neawanna Estuary System.
      >>6. Land Use Planner ­ Stayton, OR
      >>Update land use and development codes for the city; update the city's
      >>comprehensive plan and usher through periodic review; manage building
      >>permits and the buildable lands inventory; work with city on updating
      >>7. Project Coordinator/Assistant Volunteer Coordinator ­ Pendleton,
      >>Assist in distribution of regional natural resource information packet
      >>evaluate its use by recipients, and formulate recommendations for
      >>distribution; organize volunteers for Lewis & Clark Commemoration.
      >>8. Transportation and Parks Planner ­ St. Helens, OR
      >>Update existing Transportation System Plan; develop Master Plan to
      >>and diversify two existing community parks.
      >>9. County Tourism Coordinator ­ Tillamook, OR
      >>Coordinate tourism related and other community events; promote the value
      >>tourism to county businesses; conduct feasibility study for interpretive
      >>heritage farm and an indoor water park.
      >>10. Industrial Lands Planner ­ Garibaldi, OR
      >>Inventory available industrial and commercial lands in Tillamook,
      >>and Columbia counties; assist city in developing an action plan based
      >>current on community visioning plan.
      >>11. Community Service and Literacy Project Coordinator ­ Falls City,
      >>Organize community action service system; develop volunteer network to
      >>promote literacy outreach program.
      >>12. Homeownership Education Project Coordinator ­ Salem, OR
      >>Assist existing services in providing homeownership education and
      >>counseling services to Hispanic populations in three communities.
      >>13. Business Development Coordinator ­ Hood River, OR
      >>Develop tourism-driven business development initiative; catalogue
      >>business properties; produce Enterprise Zone User's Guide; develop
      >>for area.
      >>14. Watershed Education and Outreach Coordinator ­ Eugene, OR
      >>Implement revised watershed monitoring program; develop and implement
      >>watershed council volunteer program; support council education and
      >>15. Hazard Mitigation Planner ­ Salem, OR
      >>Develop hazard mitigation plan for Marion County.
      >>16. Telecommunications Project Development Coordinator ­ The Dalles,
      >>Create a region-wide plan for economic growth based on the capabilities
      >>provided by broadband access.
      >>17. Project Coordinator ­ Halfway, OR
      >>Administrate a funding plan and develop marketing and business plans for
      >>assisted living facility.
      >>18. Alternative Transportation Advocate ­ Medford, OR
      >>Work with area employers, employees, schools, and the general public to
      >>promote alternative transportation.
      >>19. Watershed Education and Outreach Coordinator ­ Mapleton, OR
      >>Facilitate watershed education and outreach projects for schools and
      >>watershed residents; develop and promote rural economic development.
      >>20. Scenic Byway/Interpretive Plan Developer ­ Pendleton, OR
      >>Facilitate interaction with stakeholder groups to move forward
      >>of Scenic Byway; conduct research, develop inventory and plan for
      >>interpretive materials of tribal homelands.
      >>21. County Museum Planner ­ Tillamook, OR
      >>Integrate museum library resources with Coastal Resource Sharing Network
      >>making the 4,000+ volumes available to a larger number of residents;
      >>and index museum's historical documents.
      >>22. Watershed Enhancement Project Coordinator ­ Hillsboro, OR
      >>Work with landowners to determine ways to improve the management of
      >>land; develop long-term stewardship plans for select properties; track
      >>location and progress of current restoration projects and utilize
      >>information to strategically decide where future restoration projects
      >>take place.
      >>23. Watershed Assessment Planner ­ Roseburg, OR
      >>Coordinate and implement the Rock Creek regional watershed assessment
      >>action plan; facilitate the watershed council's volunteer monitoring
      >>program; coordinate transition between federal and Oregon Plan reporting
      >>24. Microenterprise Development Coordinator ­ Roseburg, OR
      >>Conduct an evaluation of the existing microenterprise program; provide
      >>support to upcoming coastal microenterprise program; co-instruct
      >>literacy classes and assist in updating the class curriculum; assist in
      >>development of a self-help housing program.
      >>25. Industrial Lands Planner ­ Enterprise, OR
      >>Maintain industrial lands inventory; facilitate contact committee which
      >>responds to inquiries for new industrial development in the county;
      >>marketing plan and identify potential new companies in Wallowa County;
      >>develop and pursue leads for industrial development.
      >>Rose Armour
      >>Assistant Director
      >>Resource Assistance for Rural Environments Program
      >>1209 University of Oregon
      >>Eugene, OR 97403-1209
      >>Phone: 541/346-2879
      >>Fax: 541/346-2040
      >>Room: 113 Hendricks Hall
      >>Email: rarmour@...
      >>Web Address: http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~rare

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