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FT job - San Francisco Department of Environment - Clean Air Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Specialty

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    ... San Francisco Department of Environment 5638 Environmental Assistant Clean Air Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Specialty Date Issued: May 4, 2012
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      San Francisco Department of Environment

      5638 Environmental Assistant

      Clean Air Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Specialty

      Date Issued: May 4, 2012

      Filing Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday May 25th, 2012

      Salary: Annually $53,118 - $64,558

      Appointment Type: Permanent-Exempt

      The mission of the City and County of San Francisco Department of the
      Environment (SF Environment) is to promote innovative policies and
      programs to protect the urban and natural environment, promote social
      equity and expand the green economy. SF Environment programs include
      Zero Waste/Recycling, Climate, Green Building, Energy Efficiency and
      Renewables, Toxics Reduction, Environmental Justice, Urban
      Agriculture, Clean Transportation, Urban Forest, and Public
      Information Programs.

      SFE’s Clean Transportation Program engages in projects to encourage
      shift to transportation modes that use energy more efficiently, rely
      on sources of energy that are renewable or have low carbon intensity
      and decrease single occupancy vehicle trips. In part, this requires a
      technology focus, aggressively incorporating electric vehicles and
      other clean vehicle technologies and fuels, as encompassed by the
      Clean Vehicle section. It also requires a focus on behavioral changes,
      encouraging shifts in the modes of transportation that people choose.
      The Transportation Demand Management (TDM) section focuses on shifting
      routine trips from single occupancy vehicles to much greater use of
      transit, ridesharing, biking, walking and telecommuting. The travel
      choices provided save users money, reduce vehicle miles traveled and
      encourage adoption of varied commute modes. This position is in the
      TDM section of the Clean Transportation Program.

      Position Description:

      Under supervision of a Class 5642 Senior Environmental Assistant
      (Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Manager), the 5638
      Environmental Assistant will: 1) develop and implement outreach
      strategies and programs promoting trip reduction programs to San
      Francisco commuters, employers and residents; 2) track and report on
      progress of project and grant goals; and 3) assist in managing current
      programs. Essential duties include:

      ·         Managing and growing the Ridesharing program, including
      outreach to businesses, scheduling and attending outreach events and
      coordinating with 511 Rideshare;

      ·         Managing the SchoolPool program, including outreach to
      schools, scheduling and attending outreach events and coordinating
      with the Safe Routes to Schools program;

      ·         Managing the transportation component of the City and County
      of San Francisco Department Climate Action planning process, including
      outreach to city departments, survey administration and report

      ·         Managing the City and County of San Francisco Pre-Tax
      Commuter Benefits Program, including coordinating with the benefits
      vendor, handling customer issues, marketing and outreach;

      ·         Supervising and growing the intern program;

      ·         Developing strategies and outreach plans with tasks and
      timelines on how the program will meet grant funding goals and

      ·         Organizing and staffing public outreach and marketing efforts;

      ·         Assisting with program grant applications, reports,
      newsletter articles and social media content on TDM programs and clean
      air issues;

      ·         Tracking project development through program and survey
      analysis and developing public reports;

      ·         Developing and linking databases (Access and CRM) for all
      program content;

      ·         Developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps for
      projects and employers;

      ·         Updating and contributing content for program’s webpage; and

      ·         Performing administrative support and other duties and tasks
      as required by the Program.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree in public administration,
      business administration, environmental sciences, or a related field
      (within the specialty area) from an accredited college or university;
      AND one (1) years of full time equivalent experience performing duties
      described for this class; AND

      2. Possession of a valid Driver’s License.

      Desirable Qualifications:

      1. Project management experience

      2. Strong organizational, written, communication and presentation skills

      3. Ability to work with staff and volunteers in a team environment

      4. Skill in conducting sound research and analysis

      5. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in written
      format; negotiate and resolve conflicts

      6. Capability in utilizing word processing and database programs,
      spreadsheet, and communication software

      7. Knowledge of San Francisco’s transportation systems, key
      stakeholders and funding sources

      8. Experience working with a diverse community (bilingual ability in
      one of the commonly spoken languages in San Francisco is a plus,
      including Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog and Vietnamese)

      9. Knowledge of federal, state and local clean air and related
      environmental laws and regulations; transportation planning issues;
      governmental structures and operations; data accumulation and tracking

      10. Experience working with a wide variety of individuals including
      governmental employees, department heads, members of the media,
      vendors, and local legislators

      Application Procedure:

      Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are being
      accepted through an online process. Visit t
      to begin the application process by registering an account.

      Click and select the desired job announcement

      Click on “Apply” and read and acknowledge the information

      Click on “I am a New User”

      Follow instructions given on the screen

      If you have any questions regarding this recruitment or application
      process, please contact Claudia Molina at 415-355-3748, or via email
      at Claudia.Molina@....
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