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MTC's Reg. Transportation Plan Kickoff June 14

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      Subject: MTC's Reg. Transportation Plan Kickoff June 14

      MTC's RTP Kickoff June 14: Register online at www.mtc.ca.gov for this
      Regional Transportation Plan event.

      9:00 AM ? 2:00 PM
      Palace Hotel, San Francisco
      2 New Montgomery Street
      San Francisco

      8 am ? 9 am
      Registration and Continental Breakfast
      9 am
      Summit Opening
      Steve Kinsey, Chair, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
      9:15 am
      Finding the Right Balance
      At stake: New investments versus prior commitments?
      What's the right balance between vision, policy and projects?
      How can we link transportation and land use decisions to support "smart

      10:30 am
      Getting From Here to There
      Executive Director's Outlook

      11 am
      Summit participants will break into groups to continue the dialogue on
      issues raised in the morning panel discussion.
      Participants also will have the opportunity to identify other issues to be
      addressed in the Transportation 2030 Plan.

      12 noon

      1 pm
      Considering the National Perspective

      1:50 pm
      Where Do We Go From Here?
      Steve Kinsey, MTC Chair

      2 pm

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