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Affordable Housing Tour Invite

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Learn and join Santa Clara County s community effort to support quality housing and development in our valley at: *WWW.HACSCC.ORG *
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2012
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      Learn and join Santa Clara County's community effort to support
      quality housing and development in our valley at:
      *WWW.HACSCC.ORG <http://www.hacscc.org/>*

      Dear Community Leader,

      We would like to invite you to participate in this year's 2012 Affordable
      Housing Tour (details below). We also encourage you to pass this invitation
      along to anyone you believe would benefit from attending this event.

      Thank you from the *Silicon Valley Leadership Group* and the *Housing
      Action Coalition of Santa Clara County*.

      *Dispelling the Myth: The Realities of Affordable Housing in Santa Clara

      *Silicon Valley Leadership Group challenges our County's leaders,
      stakeholders and residents to come together for a half-day tour that
      promises to completely transform everything you thought you knew about
      affordable housing!*

      *Register here: *http://housingtour2012.eventbrite.com/

      *[image: AHT postcard. REVISED VR 2]*

      With the recent elimination of redevelopment agencies, the ability to
      create affordable homes to meet the diverse needs of residents is in severe
      threat. Meanwhile, new proposals to build affordable homes are often
      hindered by neighborhood opposition, due to popular myths and misbeliefs.

      * This event serves to debunk those myths by providing an exclusive
      opportunity to get an inside look at the different types of housing that
      serve Santa Clara County.* Come and learn about the reality of how
      affordable home communities actually attract resources, add value, and
      create vibrancy for neighborhoods.

      When: *Saturday, May 26th*
      Time: *8:30am-1pm*
      Location: *Corde Terra Village *(shown above)
      * 2600 Corde Terra Circle, San Jose*
      Registration Link:
      *Cost:* **$10* (Breakfast and Lunch Provided)

      This is a highly anticipated event during Santa Clara County's Affordable
      Housing Week. Please register as soon as possible!
      *Limited Space is available. *Fee waiver available upon request.
      Contact Clorama at cdorvilias@... or 408.501.7873.*

      *Made Possible by Sponsors*

      Special Thanks to:
      And also to:[image: Tech CU][image: Green Eden Housing Logo]
      In-kind Donors: [image: ROEM_Corp_logo_original_transparent.png]

      *This is our first tour of a two part series that will showcase the modern
      designs of the various types of affordable homes that meet the needs of our
      diverse and county residents. This first tour will highlight the efforts of
      the City of San Jose, a leader in the Bay Area for building exemplary
      affordable and market rate home communities. Then join us in the fall to
      tour the affordable housing communities of neighboring cities who also
      strive to create vibrant and livable options for working families and

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