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Lecture: "High Comfort—Low Impact, From Buildings to Cities" (Berkeley, 4/30)

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
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      High Comfort—Low Impact, From Buildings to Cities

      April 30, 2012   |   12:00 pm   |   Building 50 Auditorium, Lawrence
      Berkeley National Laboratory

      Considering today's situation—high pressure from human-made climate
      change, and limited resources already causing war—single tower
      projects will be not enough to initiate change. We need concepts for
      the cities of tomorrow—like those we developed with Foster Partners
      for the carbon-neutral Masdar City, or with Finn Geipel/Giulia Andi
      for Grand Paris in 2030. By 2050, more than 75 percent of the world's
      population will live in cities. As a member of the design
      team—consisting of the architects, traffic planners, infrastructure
      and renewable energy systems engineers, and us as climate
      engineers—for the Masdar City Master Plan in Abu Dhabi, we developed a
      new and most holistic approach for defining sustainable urban
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