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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    ... San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) would like to announce a recruitment for the six (6) internships listed below.  Salary information for these
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      San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) would like to announce a
      recruitment for the six (6) internships listed below.  Salary
      information for these positions can be found at the SamTrans website
      listed below.  SamTrans  employees receive free transportation all
      SamTrans buses and incentives for riding other forms of public transit
      and for carpooling to and from work.

      This job announcement is being provided by the City of San Jose’s
      work2future workforce investment program.  Please contact Casey
      Estorga with the City of San Jose Office of Economic Development with
      any questions at: Casey.Estorga@...

      For more information about SamTrans visit their website at:

      To apply for any of the jobs listed below, please visit the following link:



      o    The Strategic Development Intern will work in the Grand Boulevard
      Initiative, a visionary plan to transform the auto-oriented El Camino
      real corridor (State Route 82) between northern Daly City and downtown
      San Jose into a multimodal corridor with sustainable mixed-use
      development, strong connections to public transportation, renewed
      economic vitality, and walkable communities.  The Grand Boulevard
      Initiative is a unique collaboration of 19 cities, 2 counties, and
      other state, regional, and local agencies with purview over the
      43-mile El Camino Real corridor.  The Grand Boulevard Initiative
      challenges communities to rethink the corridor’s potential for housing
      and urban development, balancing the need for cars and parking with
      viable options for transit, walking and biking.  For more information
      on the Grand Boulevard Initiative, visit: www.grandboulevard.net

      ·         RAIL INTERN

      o    The Rail Intern works under the guidance and direction of the
      Manager, Rail Operations.  The intern will assist staff in the
      development of daily operations and service quality monitoring and
      design, development of long-term improvement plans, and other duties
      as assigned.

      ·         PLANNING INTERN

      o    The Planning Intern will work under the guidance and direction of
      the Manager of Planning and Research or Senior Planner and will assist
      with a variety of transportation planning projects and studies.  The
      Planning will facilitate community outreach efforts; coordinate with
      local and regional transportation stakeholders; collect, analyze and
      interpret transportation data, and prepare planning memoranda as


      o    The Operations Planning Intern assists planning and scheduling
      personnel in acquisitions, computation and summarization of ridership
      data and the reporting of same for analysis, using computerized
      scheduling and/or run-cutting software.  This position will include
      training on the basics of how scheduling software works.

      ·         ENGINEERING INTERN

      o    The Engineering Intern will assist engineering and construction
      professionals on a variety of SamTrans and JPB/Caltrain capital
      improvement projects throughout all phases of project delivery:
      planning, technical design and plan review, and construction
      engineering.  The Engineering Department also oversees the projects of
      other public agencies and utilities on the railroad property.


      o    The Intern will assist with: (1) Planning studies to define a
      blended system in the Peninsula Corridor (may include rail operations,
      local traffic impacts, and infrastructure needs assessments), and (2)
      Caltrain station are planning studies and/or design guidelines.
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