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Internship Announcement: City of San José, Environm ental Services

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  • Dayana Salazar
    *City of San José* *INTERNSHIP POSITION DESCRIPTION* *DEPARTMENT: Environmental Services* *DIVISION: Watershed Protection* *TERM OF ASSIGNMENT:* 6 months is
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      *City of San Jos�*


      *DEPARTMENT: Environmental Services*

      *DIVISION: Watershed Protection*

      *TERM OF ASSIGNMENT:* 6 months is recommended with option to extend

      *HOURS PER WEEK: *average 20 hrs. per week

      *COMPENSATION: *Student Intern $10.73/hr Graduate Student Intern $14.38/hr

      *INTERN SUPERVISOR: Sanhita Ghosal *

      *PHONE:* 793-4377

      *EMAIL:* Sanhita.ghosal@...


      San Jos��s Environmental Services Department has established a national
      reputation for environmental leadership and innovation with award-winning
      recycling, water conservation, water quality protection, and wastewater
      treatment programs. With over 400 employees and an annual budget of $124
      million, ESD is one of the City's largest and most visible departments.
      Among its major initiatives are to provide:

      [image: *] Healthy streams, rivers, marshlands and Bay waters;

      [image: *] Reliable water, garbage, and recycling services;

      [image: *] Clean and green air, land and energy policy development;

      [image: *] Community education aimed at environmental sustainability


      The Watershed Protection Division is seeking a student intern to help us
      protect and improve the quality of San Jose�s Watersheds. A highly
      motivated student will gain experience in and learn principles of
      stormwater management while helping us improve the condition of our creeks
      and rivers by supporting sustainable landscaping practices, water quality
      monitoring, and public outreach. An internship with the Watershed
      Protection Division will provide a rich opportunity to learn a wide variety
      of environmental management skills.**


      This internship would support:

      - Pesticide Reduction through sustainable landscape practices.
      - Water Quality Monitoring and Citizen Monitoring activities.
      - Data projects including database support and GIS
      - Public Outreach for Watershed Protection
      - Interdepartmental stormwater coordination



      Current enrollment in an accredited college or university in undergraduate
      or graduate program is required. Preferred majors include Environmental
      Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Engineering, Biological
      Science, Aquatic Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Geography, or other
      related majors.


      � Education or experience in environmental biology, horticulture or
      other related field (botany, ecology, native plants, horticulture,
      Integrated Pest Management, sustainable landscaping, landscape
      architecture, etc).

      � Education, work, or volunteer experience with
      watershed/garden/parks/landscape-related field projects and/or field
      monitoring of water, soil, etc.

      � Ability to physically perform duties involved with field work
      such as bending, stooping, traversing steep banks, climbing in/out of a
      boat, and lifting objects up to 50 pounds.

      � Computer skills including ArcGIS, MS Office suite

      � Other software skills such as graphics, basic web and social
      media design

      � Photographic techniques

      � Excellent verbal and written communication skills

      � Ability and willingness to speak with the public, provide
      presentations, lead workshops

      � Spanish reading and speaking skills

      � Qualitative and quantitative analytical and research skills

      � Data analysis skills

      � Self-motivated, conscientious, and independent

      *HOW TO APPLY:*

      Return a cover letter and resume to internsanjose@....

      Subject Line: Stormwater Management Program Internship

      Questions? Please contact Shellyne Urban shellyne.urban@...

      Please also see the newly launched student website:

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