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Internships available at Urban Strategies Council

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  • Vinay
    Hey MURPs, So the nonprofit I freelance for is looking for interns! These are unpaid, but are a great way to take care of the program s work requirement and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2012
      Hey MURPs,

      So the nonprofit I freelance for is looking for interns! These are unpaid, but are a great way to take care of the program's work requirement and build your portfolio & software skills. Its also a great team to work with and projects are all focused on public interest topics (public safety, community building, education, etc.), so your internship would be both fun and substantive.

      GIS Intern (http://www.urbanstrategies.org/about/GISInternship.php) --

      "This position requires someone with a combination of training, skills and experience in applied geography, GIS, database development; and preferably web development, who possesses a desire to improve our local communities and to further their expertise in applied GIS."

      This one's pretty tech heavy -- the ideal candidate would have ArcGIS skills but also Access, ArcSDE, and Fusion Tables.

      Graphic Design & Data Viz Intern (http://www.urbanstrategies.org/about/graphdes.php) --

      "Our Research & Technology program has won awards for innovation in mapping and for supporting the open source community in Oakland, we have a great team of researchers, GIS Analysts and writers. Our work is exciting, meaningful and dynamic, but we know we can communicate our data and results far better with the help of a creative graphic designer excited to develop their portfolio of infographics, data visualizations and dynamic web tools."

      This one's great for exercising those Adobe Creative Suite skills, and has the option of doing at least some work remotely!

      About Urban Strategies Council:

      "The focus of the Council's work is to support youth, family and community development as a means of building healthy, vibrant communities in order to reduce persistent poverty.

      The Council is a community building support and advocacy organization. The Council's approach to its support work is focused on working with community stakeholders to build strategies and capacities (including our own) for effective collective action. We recognize that sustainable change involves not only building strategies and capacities, but also requires the exercise of leadership to build a common agenda for change that will improve outcomes for children and families. The Council works to build partnerships and alliances across a wide array of community interests. At the same time, the Council takes leadership in identifying issues that impact urban communities, building understanding of the issues and crafting agenda for addressing those issues."
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