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FTJob - City of San Jose - Assistant to City Manager

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  • dianar070
    Close Date: Feb 8, 2012 Salary: $87,394.32 - $136,044.48 Annually This Assistant to the City Manager position serves as the Capital Budget Coordinator in the
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      Close Date: Feb 8, 2012
      Salary: $87,394.32 - $136,044.48 Annually

      This Assistant to the City Manager position serves as the Capital Budget Coordinator in the City Manager's Budget Office and is responsible for the following:

      ·Manages the capital budget process, including but not limited to budget development, revenue and expenditure tracking and monitoring, financial status reporting, and capital revenue forecasting.

      ·Coordinates capital budget activities across all City departments, develops annual capital budget training manuals/instructions, and leads city-wide trainings.

      ·Solves capital budget issues and oversees capital funds management for inclusion in various budget documents such as the Annual Report, Preliminary General Fund Forecast, Mid-Year Budget Review, City Manager's Budget Request and Five-Year Forecast, Proposed and Adopted Capital Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Program.

      ·Coordinates memorandum review activities and provides staff support for budget/fiscal implications for all City Council memoranda.

      ·Monitors economic-sensitive information affecting City capital funds.

      ·Serves as a liaison for capital budget issues for various citywide workgroups/committees.

      ·Effectively supervises and motivates a team of Budget Office staff to ensure timely and accurate completion of assignments.

      ·Prioritizes and facilitates Capital Budget Preparation Database improvements with other Budget Office technology needs and the Information Technology Department.

      ·Ensures alignment of the Capital Program with City Council priorities, policies, and budget principles and City Manager directives and budget guidelines.

      ·Authors, reviews, and edits budget documents, reports, memoranda and briefing materials.

      ·Studies City organizations, operations and services to make recommendations to improve quality and effectiveness of service delivery.

      ·Carries out special capital project/budget studies and investigations and prepares reports and recommendations to the Budget Director or City Manager.

      ·Resolves and facilitates major issues which are confidential, controversial, or of major significance to the organization.

      ·Represents the Budget Office or City Manager's Office as assigned at public events including citizens groups, City Council sessions, Committee meetings, and the Planning Commission's annual capital budget review.

      To Learn More and Apply
      To view the full announcement for this exciting opportunity and apply online with the City of San Jose, please visit the City of San Jose's employment page by clicking on the link below.
      Then click on the "Prospective Employees" link.
      City of San Jose Employment Page
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