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Habitat for Humanity - Full Time Position

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      Subject: Full Time Position (Bay Area)

      Urban Habitat Program A Project of the Tides Center


      General Description:
      Founded in 1989, Urban Habitat's overall mission is to advance social
      equity in the Bay Area. Urban Habitat works in partnership with low-income
      communities and communities of color to advance social, economic, and
      environmental justice in the Bay Area region and beyond. Through advocacy
      and the promotion of equitable policies, leadership development, research,
      and participation in strategic coalitions, UH helps to build a democratic
      society in which all communities have the power to influence and benefit
      from the decisions impacting their neighborhoods.

      Since its founding, Urban Habitat has built bridges between
      environmentalists and advocates of social justice, and has played a key
      role in the evolving national environmental justice movement. UH has
      helped broaden the agenda of this movement from its focus on toxic
      pollution to include many other issues such as military base conversion,
      transportation policy, education, housing, brownfield development, food
      security, immigrant rights, inner-city disinvestments, suburban sprawl,
      and local, as well as regional planning and development.

      Position Description:
      Urban Habitat is seeking an experienced, progressive thinking, committed
      Program Associate to increase the organization's impact and ability to
      promote transportation and housing justice in the Bay Area. Candidate
      must be able to provide leadership in developing and implementing the
      Transportation and Housing Program at Urban Habitat. A thorough
      understanding of a variety of transportation and housing issues including
      land use and zoning, urban planning, affordable and transit-oriented
      housing strategies, redevelopment, and polices that overcome transit
      barriers to jobs, education, social services, and health care, is
      required. The Program Associate should have familiarity with the
      redevelopment process, the Regional Transportation Plan process, and the
      Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Candidate must be able to work
      well with community-based organizations and intermediaries, identify areas
      for research and publication, and coordinate all aspects of this program.
      The Program Associate will also assist with fundraising and writing grant
      proposals. This is a great opportunity for someone with initiative who is
      passionate about transportation and housing issues.

      Duties include:
      * Policy and Advocacy - implement the Transportation and Housing Program
      that addresses the concerns of low-income communities and other
      disenfranchised populations; participate on various external taskforces
      and committees; and monitor, develop, and advocate for socially just
      transportation and housing policies.
      * Capacity Building - work with community-based organizations to identify
      opportunities to provide technical assistance and training on affordable
      housing, redevelopment, zoning, and transportation.
      * Reframing the debate - research, provide analysis, and write policy
      statements and articles for publication on transportation justice and
      housing issues.
      * Regional Coalition Building - provide staff support to UH's Social
      Equity Caucus, attend Caucus meetings, outreach to and increase
      transportation and housing organizations participation in the Caucus, and
      coordinate the Transportation Justice Working Group. Maintain
      relationships with key allies and collaborators.

      * Minimum 3 years experience
      * Master's degree or equivalent experience
      * Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      * Strong research skills
      * Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
      * Demonstrated ability to work effectively with people from diverse
      * A team player who works well with others as well as independently
      * Ability to manage multiple projects
      * Computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel,
      Filemaker Pro, email, and/or other graphics applications
      * Sense of humor a must

      Salary range: $38,000- $42,000, with full benefits package of health and
      dental insurance, holidays, vacation and sick leave. This is a full-time
      position, which reports directly to the Executive Director.

      Please submit resume and cover letter via fax, email or US Postal service

      Urban Habitat Program
      436 14th Street
      Suite 1205
      Oakland, CA 94612
      Fax: 510.839.9610
      Email: info@...
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