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Joint Venture Internship Program for Spring 2012

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  • Vicki
    Joint Venture Internship Program for Spring 2012 Local Government Operations and Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for 2010 Joint Venture Silicon
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2011
      Joint Venture Internship Program for Spring 2012

      Local Government Operations and Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions
      Inventory for 2010

      Joint Venture Silicon Valley has begun a project to inventory agency and
      community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the approximately forty
      jurisdictions in the Silicon Valley region. This project entails
      updating 2005 inventories to 2010 data to assist local jurisdictions in
      tracking their GHG emissions and progress toward their goals.

      Joint Venture is seeking student interns for the 2012 spring semester to
      be deployed to local jurisdictions to assist with these updates. Prior
      to deployment, interns will be trained by Joint Venture staff on how to
      analyze data from various sources related to GHG emissions, where to
      obtain said data, and how to record and report it. One to two student
      interns will be deployed to assist each local jurisdiction. Interns will
      be provided workspace and resources and work alongside designated
      personnel from the jurisdiction. John Sztukowski, Climate Coordinator at
      Joint Venture, will serve as the point of contact for technical
      assistance and ongoing training. Interns will gain valuable experience
      and exposure to the operations of a local government and gain marketable
      skills in GHG inventorying, data gathering, analysis, and management,
      and report writing.

      Internship Duties:

      - Attend initial training sessions provided by Joint Venture

      - Work with the local jurisdiction for 8-12 hours a week, for
      12-16 weeks

      - Assist staff and contact the appropriate authorities to
      obtain the relevant data

      - Analyze and convert data into proper energy units for entry
      into a master data workbook

      - Time permitting, interpret the data into a written report

      - Time permitting, graph and chart the data using provided


      - MS Office: basic excel, data entry, and Word experience

      - Quantitative skills

      - Excellent Communication skills

      - Transportation to and from on-site locations at
      jurisdictional offices

      - Professional dress and demeanor when working on-site

      - Commitment to at least 8 hours per week to work on the

      To apply for this internship, or for more information on this exciting
      opportunity, please contact:

      John Sztukowski, Climate Coordinator, Joint Venture Silicon Valley

      climate@... <mailto:climate@...>

      (408) 298-9334

      Please send a cover letter stating how you heard about the internship
      and why you wish to participate in the program, as well as a resume
      describing your qualifications. Interviews for candidates* will be held
      in person or by telephone throughout December 2011 and January 2012.
      Training will begin in late January-early February 2012.

      *Candidates do not necessarily have to be current students

      This position is unpaid but has the potential to serve as class credit
      for the student; however it is up to the student to research and enroll
      in such initiatives at their college or university.

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