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Sustainability Specialist-Alameda County (transportation services)

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  • kaylajplatt
    General Services Agency is seeking to fill the position of Sustainability Specialist. The Sustainability Specialist assists with the development,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2011
      General Services Agency is seeking to fill the position of
      Sustainability Specialist. The Sustainability Specialist assists with
      the development, implementation, and administration of County-Wide
      sustainability programs and projects.

      In addition to the established minimum qualifications, the Ideal
      Candidate for Sustainability Specialist will have the additional
      critical attributes:

      • Outstanding organizational skills with demonstrated ability to
      prioritize and manage multiple ongoing tasks.
      • Demonstrated expertise in the design, implementation and
      management of ongoing projects.
      • Proficient in the administration of grants with a keen
      understanding of the various stages of the grant life cycle.
      • Commitment to facilitating the implementation and acceptance of
      change within the workplace.
      • Exceptional talent in identifying opportunities to build
      strategic relationships to help achieve business goals.
      • Proven experience in delivering formal presentations that are
      effective and suited to the characteristics and needs of the audience.
      • Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written, and the
      ability to communicate effectively with members of varying professions.

      To view the recruitment brochure click here
      DESCRIPTION Under direction, assists the program staff with the
      development, implementation and administration of county-wide
      sustainability programs and/or projects in distinct areas of specialty
      such as, but not limited to: environmentally preferable procurement;
      resource conservation and recycling; waste reduction; climate change;
      green building; sustainable transportation; weatherization; clean
      energy; renewable energy, and energy efficiency; and perform other
      duties as required .This position works with County departments and
      external entities in the course of promoting and advancing
      sustainability programs for county agencies and the community.


      Sustainability Specialists are assigned to the General Services Agency
      or the Community Development Agency and are supervised by and receive
      direction from a Program Manager, Assistant Deputy Director, or Deputy
      Director. The incumbent is responsible for assisting with the
      development, implementation and administration of county-wide
      sustainability programs and/or projects. The Sustainability Specialist
      class is distinguished from the Sustainability Project Manager, in that
      the Specialist is responsible for assisting with the development and
      implementation of programs and/or projects whereas the Project Manager
      performs duties of a more difficult and complex nature, with
      responsibility focused on planning and implementing day-to-day
      sustainability program activities and related projects.

      This position is eligible for consideration for promotion to
      Sustainability Project Manager but this is not automatic and is
      dependent on the incumbent meeting the minimum qualifications of the
      Sustainability Project Manager and demonstrating performance of duties
      of a more difficult and complex nature, with responsibility focused on
      planning and implementing day-to-day sustainability program activities
      and related projects. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

      Possession of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or
      university in environmental science or engineering, planning, social
      sciences, public or business administration and/or a related field.


      The equivalent of one year of full-time experience in the field of
      environmentally preferable procurement, sustainability, resources
      conservation, waste reduction, recycling, climate change, green
      building or other related area including experience with responsibility
      for planning, administering, organizing and coordinating programs.
      Possession of a masters degree from an accredited college or university
      in environmental science, planning, social sciences public or business
      administration or a related field may be substituted for one year of
      the required experience.

      All candidates must possess a valid California Class "C" Driver's
      license and be willing and able to drive.

      NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum
      Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.
      KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS NOTE: The level and scope of the
      following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under
      the "Examples of Duties" section of this specification.

      Knowledge of:

      • Laws and ordinances affecting one or more of the following
      areas: environmentally preferable procurement, sustainability,
      recycling, waste reduction, climate change, green building, or other
      related area.
      • Research methods and practices.
      • Basic principles of finance and project management.
      • Laws and regulations pertaining to grant funding development
      • Program evaluation and methodologies.
      • Modern office procedures, methods and equipment including
      computers and various office software.

      Ability to:

      • Assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of
      programs and/or projects.
      • Prepare clear and concise reports, proposals, and written
      materials of a technical nature.
      • Interpret, explain, and apply policies, laws and regulations.
      • Assist in the development and management of budgets and
      • Perform basic financial analyses.
      • Develop and implement program performance measures.
      • Identify grant opportunities and prepare grant applications.
      • Conduct outreach to county departments, professional peers, and
      the public.
      • Collect, analyze, and compile technical and statistical
      • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with
      staff, other agencies, and business community.
      • Communicate and negotiate in a persuasive and productive manner
      with groups and individuals.
      • Develop and maintain various data collection, record keeping,
      and databases.
      • Attend night and weekend meetings/events.
      ASSEMBLED EXAMINATION. The eligible list resulting from this
      examination will cancel any existing list and may last approximately
      one year, but can be extended.
      The examination will consist of the following steps:

      1. A review of candidates' application to verify possession of
      minimum requirements. Those candidates who possess the minimum
      requirements for the class will move on to the next step in the
      examination process.
      2. A review of the supplemental questionnaire to determine the best
      3. An oral interview which will be weighted as 100% of the
      candidates' final examination score. The oral interview may contain
      situational exercises.

      Candidates must attain a qualifying rating on each portion of this
      Selection Plan
      The Tentative Selection Plan

      The Tentative Selection plan is as follows:
      • Recruitment closes: October 31, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.
      • Application screening to be completed by November 14, 2011
      • Supplemental questionnaire review to be completed by November
      21, 2011
      • Oral Examination invitations to go out on November 23, 2011
      • Oral Examinations will be scheduled for December 5, 2011
      Conclusion All notices related to County recruitments for which
      you have applied will be sent/delivered via email. Please add
      @... and alamedacountyHR@...
      <mailto:alamedacountyHR@...> as accepted addresses to any email
      blocking or spam filtering program you may use. If you do not do this,
      your email blocking or spam filtering program may block receipt of the
      notices regarding your application for recruitments. You are also
      strongly advised to regularly log into your County of Alameda online
      application account to check for notices that may have been sent to
      you. All email notices that will be sent to you will also be kept in
      your personal online application account. You will be able to view
      all of your notices in your online application account by clicking on
      the “My applications” button on the Current Job Openings

      Please take the steps recommended above to insure you do not miss any
      notices about a recruitment for which you have applied. The County of
      Alameda is not responsible for notices that are not read, received or
      accessed by any applicant for a County recruitment.

      NOTE: All notices are generated through an automated email notification
      system. Replies to the email box alamedacountyHR@...
      <mailto:alamedacountyHR@...> are routed to an unmonitored
      mailbox. If you have questions please go to our website at
      www.acgov.org/hrs <http://www.acgov.org/hrs> . You may also contact the
      Human Resources Analyst listed on the bulletin for the recruitment for
      which you have applied.
      Cheri M. Harraway, Human Resources Analyst II
      Human Resource Services Division, County of Alameda
      Cheri.harraway@... <mailto:Cheri.harraway@...>
      www.acgov.org/hrs <http://www.acgov.org/hrs>

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