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Lecture: Community, Sustainability, and Public Space: Urban Design after the Arab Spring (11/7; UC Berkeley)

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    [From http://www.ced.berkeley.edu/component/option,com_extcalendar/Itemid,0/&Itemid=/extmode,view/extid,1725/] College of Environmental Design Lecture Series:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2011
      [From http://www.ced.berkeley.edu/component/option,com_extcalendar/Itemid,0/&Itemid=/extmode,view/extid,1725/%5d

      College of Environmental Design Lecture Series: Amir Gohar
      Date: Monday, November 7, 2011 (6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.)
      Location: 112 Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley
      Contact Info: Sue Retta
      Email: skretta@...
      URL: http://www.ced.berkeley.edu/events/calendar/lectures

      The CED Lecture Series features noted visiting academics and
      professionals from a broad range of environmental design fields. All
      lectures take place on the UC Berkeley campus and are free and open to
      the public.

      Amir Gohar

      Community, Sustainability, and Public Space: Urban Design after the Arab Spring

      The events of spring 2011 clearly demonstrated the importance of
      public space in social transformation, have opened new opportunities
      for community-based design in Egypt and throughout the region.
      Residents of Cairo face a critical lack of open space, a concern that
      can be addressed through environmental planning initiatives such as
      reconnecting the city with the Nile.

      Amir Gohar is an urban planner/designer active in sustainable tourism
      development, with emphasis on preservation of cultural resources in
      the Middle East. He has twelve years of experience working with
      municipal governments, international organizations, and private sector
      firms on site planning, urban design strategies, master planning,
      informal settlement development and landscape planning throughout the
      region. Currently a visiting scholar with the Institute of Urban and
      Regional Development at UC Berkeley and member of several NGOs working
      towards reshaping the urban context of Egypt for a more sustainable
      future, Gohar was instrumental in organizing the recent UCB–Cairo
      workshop Connecting Cairo to the Nile.

      For more events in the series, see the CED Lecture Series webpage:
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