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Two great community development job opportunities!

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    Project Coordinator: West County HEAL Collaborative A place-based cross-sector initiative, the West County Healthy Eating Active Living collaborative (West
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2011
      Project Coordinator: West County HEAL Collaborative

      A place-based cross-sector initiative, the West County Healthy Eating Active Living collaborative (West County HEAL) employs a multifaceted strategy of advocacy, capacity-building, and community partnership to reduce obesity and improve public health in our community. Bay Area LISC is the coordinator and fiscal sponsor of this project.

      The Project Coordinator position offers a powerful opportunity to integrate advocacy, policy, and on-the-ground practices to advance a highly visible effort. Working from the HEAL offices in North Richmond, the Project Coordinator is a staff member of Bay Area LISC and reports to the Bay Area LISC Deputy Director.

      The Project Coordinator will represent LISC and the collaborative in local, regional and statewide policy tables where appropriate. This position requires consistent negotiation among myriad day-to-day details within the context of an ambitious, long-term goal: advancing the community's capacity to improve the community's health.

      Dedicated to creating better health in West Contra Costa County, West County HEAL embraces a comprehensive approach to addressing the rising obesity epidemic and other chronic health conditions related to inactivity and poor nutrition. The project focuses on long-term, sustainable policy and organizational practice changes to address nutrition and physical activity goals in each sector.

      HEAL's concept is to make it easier for people to embrace healthy choices. The project accomplishes this mission by increasing access to healthy food and physical activity everywhere that people live, work, learn, and play, including schools, worksites and neighborhood settings.

      West County HEAL also works to advance pro-health municipal policies while fostering the capacity of local residents to advocate for health-focused changes in the community, including safe places to exercise and access to healthy foods.

      Manager: Healthy Richmond Hub

      The Healthy Richmond initiative is part of The California Endowment's 10-year, statewide initiative, Building Healthy Communities. The overarching goal of Building Healthy Communities is to create places where children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

      Richmond/North Richmond is one of the 14 communities involved in this initiative, and Healthy Richmond is the name of the local effort.

      A new position, the job of Manager for the Healthy Richmond Hub is an excellent leadership opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual committed to rectifying health and other social disparities through community building and organizing, community development, and public health projects and programs.

      The Hub Manager will work with multiple stakeholders - from The California Endowment and Bay Area LISC to local nonprofit organizations, public systems, and local residents - to advance the vision and implement the strategic plan of Healthy Richmond. The Hub Manager is a staff member of Bay Area LISC, reporting to the Bay Area LISC Deputy Director. While supervising one half-time staff member and various contractors, the Hub Manager will work closely with the Healthy Richmond Hub Steering Committee, which is the project's primary advisory body.

      The position of Hub Manager involves a high level of responsibility for connecting people from diverse constituencies while fostering shared planning and implementation, collective inquiry and knowledge, and joint learning and skill-building. Based at CHDC offices in North Richmond, this position requires significant time spent in the community, including evening meetings and occasional weekend events or activities. Some travel outside the Richmond area will also be required.

      Please visit Bay Area LISC for more information: http://www.cdwebsites.net/bal1/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=90&Itemid=76

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