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  • Hilary Nixon
    TransForm Silicon Valley Fall 2011 Community Engagement, Advocacy, and Planning Internships (Volunteer) TransForm is looking for two interns to assist
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2011
      TransForm Silicon Valley Fall 2011 Community Engagement, Advocacy, and
      Planning Internships (Volunteer)
      TransForm is looking for two interns to assist TransForm’s Silicon
      Valley Community Planner in a variety of projects and tasks including
      public outreach and organizing, research, data analysis, and materials
      production. Interns will have an opportunity to become engaged in
      multiple projects and campaigns including:
      · Rapid Transit Advocacy: Supporting community leaders in
      advocating for world-class Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) design on El Camino
      Real that incorporates the needs of all users, including cyclists and
      · Regional Land Use and Transportation Planning: Involving
      diverse stakeholders in key transportation and land use funding and
      planning decisions as part of the Valley Transportation Plan and Plan
      Bay Area.
      · Federal and State Transit Funding: Mobilizing individuals and
      organizations in support of additional public transit funding from the
      state and federal government.

      About TransForm
      TransForm is a non-profit organization that works to create
      world-class public transportation and walkable communities by building
      diverse coalitions, influencing policy, and developing innovative
      programs. Our Silicon Valley office is located one block from San Jose
      State University and is very accessible via public transit. To learn
      more about TransForm, visit www.transformca.org.

      Internship Description – This is a part-time (10-20 hr/wk) unpaid internship.
      - Fall semester internships will start September 2011 and run
      through December 2011.
      - Internships are part-time, and hours are relatively flexible
      (typically from Monday-Friday between 9-5pm). Total internship hours
      vary depending on university department requirements.
      - TransForm interns will have a chance to develop some of the
      following skills: community engagement and organizing, public
      speaking, research, data analysis, and writing.
      - Strong communication skills (in particular, strong writing
      skills) are required. Spanish proficiency is a plus. Experience in
      research and quantitative analysis, urban design, community
      organizing, and group facilitation are desirable.
      - Interns will be supervised by TransForm’s Silicon Valley
      Community Planner and may work out of TransForm’s downtown San Jose
      office and remotely as needed.

      TransForm interns will:
      1. Conduct research and writing on various land use and
      transportation planning and finance topics to provide information to
      the public and decision-makers.
      Produce educational materials to better explain land use and
      transportation planning processes and key decision making
      opportunities to the public;
      3. Conduct one-on-one outreach, help organize meetings and
      workshops, and utilize community organizing strategies to engage
      diverse stakeholders in TransForm’s advocacy efforts.

      To Apply: Submit a resume and cover letter describing your interest
      and qualifications along with a writing sample to Chris Lepe at
      CLepe@.... For questions, call 408-406-8074.

      Open until September 30th, 2011

      [1] BRT is a set of measures and strategies such as bus-only lanes,
      traffic signal priority, and real-time bus arrival information that
      can achieve many of the benefits of rail transit but at a fraction of
      the cost.

      Hilary Nixon, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor
      Associate Chair and Graduate Advisor
      Department of Urban & Regional Planning
      One Washington Square (WSQ 218A)
      San Jose State University
      San Jose, CA  95192-0185
      408.924.5872 (fax)
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