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Full Time Position (San Francisco CA)

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      Subject: Full Time Position (San Francisco CA)

      Economics Research Associates (ERA), 388 Market St., Suite 1580, San Francisco, 94111
      Job Title: Senior Analyst/Associate
      Approximate Salary: $40,000s and up depending on qualifications.
      Years Experience Required: 0
      Degree Required: Masters
      Degree Type Most Desired: Planning
      Type of Job: Full Time
      Starting (aprox. Date): Summer or Fall of 2003
      Description in 250 words: ERA provides land use economics consulting
      services to private and public clients worldwide. The firm has a core
      competency in the economics of real estate, recreation, resorts,
      entertainment, attractions and tourism, but practices in all land uses and
      in a wide variety of public policy areas.
      The Senior Analyst and Associate positions require a masters degree
      (typically in city planning, real estate, urban geography, public policy,
      business or other related field) or a bachelors degree with significant
      relevant experience. Interest, coursework, and/or experience with a
      significant subset of the following is expected:
      · Economic theory as it applies to land use;
      · Real estate market studies;
      · Financial feasibility pro forma analysis;
      · Cost-benefit, economic, or fiscal impact analysis;
      · Research using on-line and telephone interview sources; and
      · Analytical thinking, writing, and project management.

      Mastery of English language communication skills (written, telephone, and
      in-person) is a must. Bi-lingual communication skill is a plus. ERA is
      an equal opportunity employer.
      Description in 250 Characters: ERA practices real estate analysis and land use economics worldwide.
      The Senior Analyst is the entry-level position for a master's degree.
      Familiarity is expected with market studies, financial pro formas, and
      economic/fiscal impact analysis.

      Send cover letter and resume to:
      Managing Principal
      Economics Research Associates
      388 Market St., Suite 1580
      San Francisco, CA 94111
      FAX (415) 956-5274
      e-mail: sfmail@...
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        Subject: Full Time Position (San Francisco CA)

        Environmental Planner

        Public Affairs Management (PAM), a leading environmental and public involvement consulting firm
        headquartered in San Francisco, California, is seeking a professional
        planner to join our environmental planning group. The position requires
        experience preparing CEQA/NEPA environmental documents for land
        development and transportation projects in California, including a working
        knowledge of the implementing guidelines of agencies such as Caltrans,
        FHWA, FTA, etc. A degree in urban planning, environmental studies or a
        related field is necessary with a minimum of two years of professional
        consulting work experience involving diverse clients and strict adherence
        to schedule and budget parameters. Experience and knowledge of the land
        entitlement process in California including processing of applications,
        preparation of staff reports and conditions of approval, and regulatory
        permit processes is also desirable. Qualified candidates must have
        excellent written and verbal communication skills and be proficient in
        Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, WordPerfect, and graphics programs.

        PAM is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in
        Sacramento and Washington D.C. Our environmental planning work involves a
        variety of federal, state, regional, and local projects, predominately in
        Northern California and the western United States, for both public and
        private-sector clients. Current work is primarily focused on
        environmental analysis of land development and transportation projects,
        but often includes water resource, recreation and infrastructure projects.
        PAM provides a competitive salary and benefits package and a flexible work

        PAM is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Send cover letter & resumes to: M.
        Bean, 135 Main Street, Suite 1600, San Francisco, CA 94105 or FAX (415)
        227-1110 or by e-mail to m.bean@....

        Visit our Web site at www.pamsf.com
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