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Fwd: Paid Internship in Emeryville

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      Intern- City of Emeryville Finance Department
      Position reference #48377

      The successful applicant will have:
      Excellent computer skills- especially Excel, Word, Outlook, Access
      and internet skills
      Ability to communicate effectively with the general public and
      Ability to analyze, compare, problem solve, and make recommendations
      Excellent writing skills, ability to produce flyers and informational

      Potential Projects include the following:

      Assist in developing and implementing a residential landlord business
      license program
      Physical Inventory of businesses in the City of Emeryville
      Implement licensing program for Non-profit businesses
      Update and verify business information currently in database
      Help implement City's new parking permit program
      Provide business license program support

      Position starts :
      Openings available :
      Salary range :
      $15-19 per hour
      Duration :
      6 Mo.-1 Year
      Work Types :
      FullTime, PartTime, Temporary

      Contact information

      Mrs. Pauline Marx
      1333 Park Avenue
      Emeryville, CA, United States
      Email : cmaurer@...
      Fax : (510) 658-8095
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