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SMART Northern Bay Area

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    [image: Agency Logo] Associate Planner Planning SMART, Northern Bay Area *Close Date:* Aug 5, 2011 *Salary:* $56,150.00 - $73,000.00 Annually *ABOUT
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      [image: Agency Logo] Associate Planner Planning SMART, Northern Bay
      Area *Close Date:* Aug 5, 2011
      *Salary:* $56,150.00 - $73,000.00 Annually

      *ABOUT SMART*: Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is a Special District
      tasked with providing passenger rail transit service and a multi-use pathway
      in San Francisco�s North Bay. SMART�s proposed 70 miles of rail service will
      utilize the historic Northwestern Pacific Railroad corridor which roughly
      parallels Highway 101 in both Marin and Sonoma Counties.

      SMART will be part of an overall network of transportation services and will
      also provide some supplementary connecting shuttle and/or bus services at
      certain rail stations. In coordination with local jurisdictions, SMART is
      also working to convert two former downtown rail yards into transit oriented
      developments that enhance their surroundings.

      The Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) District is governed by a
      12-member Board consisting of elected officials: two county supervisors each
      from Marin and Sonoma counties, three appointed City Council members from
      each county and two representatives from the Golden Gate Bridge District.

      *ABOUT THE POSITION*: The Associate Planner will report to the Planning
      Manager and will be based out of the SMART District Office in San Rafael,
      CA. Under the direction of the Planning Manager, the Associate Planner will
      complete a variety duties as assigned related to the development,
      implementation and operation of the rail transit and pathway project.

      Some specific planning activities include: establishing the locations of
      station facilities, oversight of station design activities, coordination
      with SMART�s project development and construction team on station
      implementation, interface with local jurisdictions on land use,
      transportation and access issues near stations, advancement of
      transit-oriented development projects on certain SMART properties,
      development of connecting shuttle/bus services, coordination with local
      transit operators on transit connectivity and service planning, involvement
      in the development of a SMART fare policy including fares, fare media and
      fare policy, and involvement in public information activities including
      public conversations, meetings, forums, and workshops.
      Ideal Candidate:


      � Possession of a bachelor�s degree from an accredited college or

      � Possession of a post-secondary degree in one or more of the following
      fields, or related fields, is desirable: Transportation/Urban Planning,
      Urban Studies, Public Administration and Public Policy.

      � At least 2 years of related and progressively responsible experience is

      � Conversant in the principles, practices and trends in urban and regional
      planning, with a special emphasis on transportation planning, transit
      service planning and operations, land use planning, and/or real estate

      � Analytical and computational skills and the ability to tabulate, evaluate
      and graph data utilizing computer software programs.

      � Clear and effective writing skills and the ability to produce written

      � Ability to give oral presentations and communicate effectively in public

      � Ability to work well with others, including members of the public, and to
      serve as a liaison to individuals or other organizations.

      � Ability to interpret maps and detailed drawings

      � Ability to conduct research, present information, think creatively,
      evaluate alternatives and solve problems

      *Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to*:

      � Assisting Planning Manager in communicating with local jurisdictions
      conducting Station Area Plans; consulting with local jurisdictions on
      relevant land use, stations design, station access, or other related issues.

      � Assisting in the development of a SMART-directed shuttle plan service
      plan; Coordinating SMART rail and other local transit services; Acting as a
      liaison to local transit partners.

      � Coordinating adherence to local, regional, state or federal laws or
      guidelines in service provision, including adherence to Title VI and other
      related requirements.

      � Ridership forecasting, ridership data collection and analysis, internal
      and external ridership reporting.

      � Assistance in managing a joint development process for station
      transit-oriented developed; Monitoring existing development agreements.

      � Participation in capital program development and station design, including
      coordination with SMART�s staff and external stakeholders, such as local

      � Assistance in the development of an overall Fare Policy for SMART.

      � Conducting research on best practices in peer organizations; Analyzing
      data as required.

      � Preparing reports as assigned; Participation in the development of future
      agencies plans, such as Short Range Transit Plans (SRTPs).

      � Making presentations before SMART Committees and the SMART Board of
      Directors as required.

      *Physical Working Conditions:* Position may require prolonged sitting,
      standing, walking, kneeling, squatting and stooping in the performance of
      daily activities. The position may also requires repetitive hand movement
      and the coordination in data entry and preparing reports using a computer
      keyboard. Additionally, the position requires both near and far vision in
      reading written reports and work related documents. Acute hearing is
      required when providing phone and personal service. The need to lift, drag
      and push flies, boxes, equipment, paper and documents weighing up to 50
      pounds is also required. Some of these requirements may be accommodated for
      otherwise qualified individuals requiring and requesting such

      *Full-Time Non-Management Employees Benefits:*

      The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District (SMART) provides a comprehensive
      package of employee benefits that includes various health insurance options,
      vision, dental, and paid time off.

      Below information outlines the current employee benefits for SMART Full-Time
      Non-Management Employees.

      Vacation Leave: Full-time employees of SMART accrue vacation at the
      following rates: 2 yrs = 10 days, 3 yrs = 12 days, 4 yrs = 13 days, 4 yrs =
      14 days, 5 -10 years = 15 days. Maximum vacation accumulated hours for each
      Non-Management Employee is 280 hours. Each Non-Management Employee may
      request and receive payment for up to eighty (80) hours of accrued vacation
      hours per 12-month period, provided that there is a minimum remaining
      balance of eighty (80) hours following payment.

      Sick Leave: Full-time employees of SMART receive 12 days per year sick
      leave. Holidays: Full-time employees of SMART receive 12 paid fixed holidays
      per year.

      Insurance: The following insurance options are provided by SMART. All
      benefits EXCEPT Health are currently administered through the County of
      Sonoma Benefits Office.

      Vision: Family vision care is provided by (VSP) Vision Service Plan:
      1-800-877-7195 www.vsp.com. (administered through County of Sonoma) .

      Dental: Excellent Family dental coverage is available to SMART employees at
      an employee cost of $13.00 per pay period with $3,000 maximum benefit per
      family member each calendar year. Coverage is provided through Delta Dental:
      1-800-765-6003 (administered through County of Sonoma) www.deltadentalca.org

      Health: Employees have option of four choices - Kaiser Permanente, Blue
      Shield Access+, PERS Choice and PERS Care health plans. SMART pays 85% of
      the premium of three *(in Bold) *of the four options plan administered
      through CalPERS Health. *BLUE SHIELD OF CALIFORNIA (HMO) Blue Shield HMO
      plan is available: Blue Shield Access+ www.blueshieldca.com/calpers Toll
      Free: (800) 334-5847 KAISER PERMANENTE http://my.kp.org/ca/calpers Toll
      Free: (800) 464-4000 ANTHEM BLUE CROSS (PPO) Anthem Blue Cross website
      contains information on three PPO plans available: PERS Choice*, PERS Care,
      www.anthem.com/ca/calpers Toll Free: (877) 737-7776 Phone: (818) 234-5141

      MEDCO � Pharmacy Benefits Administrator for Anthem Blue Cross For
      information about prescription drug coverage only for PPO Anthem Blue Cross
      www.medco.com/calpers Toll Free: (800) 939-7091

      Long term disability: Long-term disability insurance is provided at SMART

      Group Term Life Insurance: equivalent to two times the annual salary is
      provided at Agency Cost.

      Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co. 800-563-1124

      Deferred Compensation Plan: Employees may elect to contribute from salary to
      a 457 deferred compensation plan, up to the IRS annual maximum.

      Retirement Plan: SMART is a member of CalPERS (a Defined Benefit Plan) and
      pays the employee portion (approximately 7%) and the employer portion
      (approximately 12%) of all required retirement contributions. SMART
      currently offers this retirement program as part of the Miscellaneous 2% at
      55 formula. Visit: www.calpers.ca.gov for more information.

      Please note: *SMART does not pay into Social Security.*

      ***Eduardo C. Serafin, PE, AICP*
      Traffic Engineer & Transportation Planner
      Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer
      Department of Urban & Regional Planning
      San Jose State University
      (510) 375-3997

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