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City of Palo Alto - Assistant Director Planning & Community Environment

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  • fiji
    SALARY: $56.80 - $75.73 Hourly $9,845.33 - $13,126.53 Monthly $118,144.00 - $157,518.40 Annually OPENING DATE: 05/11/11 CLOSING DATE: Continuous DESCRIPTION:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2011
      SALARY: $56.80 - $75.73 Hourly
      $9,845.33 - $13,126.53 Monthly
      $118,144.00 - $157,518.40 Annually

      OPENING DATE: 05/11/11

      CLOSING DATE: Continuous


      The City of Palo Alto Planning & Community Environment Department is currently
      recruiting for an Assistant Director Planning & Community Environment. The
      Assistant Director collaborates with the Director to develop the department work
      program and policies and provide for the effective development, planning,
      control, and evaluation of the programs of the department, including land use
      and transportation planning and building plan check and inspection services. The
      Assistant Director assumes responsibility and makes independent decisions on
      various activities and operations of the department, which may include
      procedural and organizational improvements, departmental public outreach,
      cross-departmental/divisional coordination of development review, or other
      high-level management functions. The Assistant Director may also act as
      departmental liaison to the City Council or appointed Boards and Commissions and
      advise them in policy development related to land use and transportation
      planning or building safety. This position may independently represent the
      department to the public or other agencies. In the absence of the Director, the
      Assistant Director may assume all responsibilities and authority of the

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