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Transportation policy/funding event w/Assistant Secretary of Transportation Polly Trottenberg (San Francisco; June 24)

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  • Asha Weinstein Agrawal
    Details on the web at: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/2011-06-24/us-transportation-infrastructure-buying-future ... From: Donna Maurillo
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2011
      Details on the web at:


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      From: Donna Maurillo <donna.maurillo@...>
      Date: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 5:06 PM
      Subject: MTI Hosts Transportation Policy Summit - June 24 - Asst.
      Secretary Trottenberg

      We hope you'll join us and meet the Assistant Secretary of
      Transportation, Polly Trottenberg, who will be featured.

      The Commonwealth Club and
      The Mineta Transportation Institute

      “From Point A to Point B:  Fixing America's Transportation Problems”
      A National Policy Summit on Transportation Funding

      Friday, June 24, 9-11:30 a.m.
      Free continental breakfast 8:30 a.m.
      Commonwealth Club * 595 Market St, second floor * San Francisco

      Keynote - Polly Trottenberg, Assistant Secretary for Transportation
      Policy. U.S. Department of Transportation


      ° Steve Heminger, Executive Director, SF Regional Metropolitan
      Transportation Commission

      ° John Horsley, Executive Director, American Association of State
      Highway and Transportation Officials

      ° Bill Millar, President, American Public Transportation Association

      ° Asha Weinstein Agrawal, Director, MTI National Transportation Finance Center

      ° Mortimer Downey, Chair of the MTI Board of Trustees; Former Deputy
      Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation -  Moderator


      The U.S. is falling behind the rest of the world in moving employees
      to work and products to the marketplace. Research identifies the Bay
      Area as one of the most poorly maintained and most congested of the
      nation's metropolitan areas. Yet the National Surface Transportation
      Authorization legislation is nearly two years overdue and the
      extension will lapse in September, eliminating future transportation
      construction, maintenance, and operating funds. The impact on
      passengers and freight, on highways, transit, intercity rail, and the
      emerging high speed rail network could be immense.   Assistant
      Secretary for Transportation Policy Polly Trottenberg, U.S. Dept. of
      Transportation, will headline this event, also featuring a panel of
      transportation experts who will explore possible solutions to this
      serious crisis.

      President Obama appointee Assistant Secretary Trottenberg works toward
      implementing the President’s priorities for transportation, including
      safety and creating jobs. The DOT employs more than 55,000 employees,
      with a $70 billion budget that oversees air, maritime and surface
      transportation missions. For 12 years, she worked extensively on
      transportation, public works, energy and environmental issues in the
      U.S. Senate, for Senators Barbara Boxer, Charles Schumer, and Daniel
      Patrick Moynahan. Before that, she worked for the Port Authorities of
      New York and New Jersey, and Massachusetts and the Massachusetts State
      Senate. She received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College and
      her Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of


      Riki Rafner, Director of Media and Public Relations, (415) 597-6712
      Caitlin Browne, Public Relations Fellow, (415) 597-6734

      Media interested in attending should please RSVP to

      cbrowne@... and please bring business card to event.
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