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Stanford Parking & Transportation Services FT job - Transportation Operations Lead Representative

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  • Ramses Madou
    Hi everybody, Stanford s Parking & Transportation Services is looking for a Transportation Operations Lead Representative, my current position (I just got a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2011
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      Hi everybody,

      Stanford's Parking & Transportation Services is looking for a Transportation
      Operations Lead Representative, my current position (I just got a new
      position with in the department!). I would help train you for the position.
      The job is not planning center but is a great way into an interesting work

      The job description is below. This is a fantastic place to work with great
      people and interesting projects. If you have any questions about the
      position give me a call at 650-924-1237.

      To apply for the job follow the link below and type in the type in the key
      word: transportation or the Job ID 42198


      Ramses Madou, MURP

      Job Description:

      Transportation Operations Lead Representative

      Job ID
      Job Location
      Land and Buildings
      Job Category

      Date Posted
      Apr 5, 2011

      Salary Range: $53,100-$84,990. This position works under the direction of
      the Transportation Operations Supervisor in the Office of Parking &
      Transportation Services (P&TS). The Transportation Operations Lead
      Representative is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the charter
      services, including contract management, bus advertising program and assists
      with Marguerite (Stanford�s free shuttle service) operations duties as
      needed. Typical duties include providing outstanding customer service to our
      charter operations clients, vendor management, reporting usage by vendor
      and/or client, coordinating special event transportation, reviewing and
      paying vendors for services rendered.

      Other duties include but not limited to:
      � Producing utilization and operations reports on Marguerite and
      coordinating implementation of minor changes to the campus transportation
      � Responding to customer complaints
      � Regularly reviewing the condition of charter and operations vendors and
      related services and coordinating remedial action when deficiencies are
      � Providing customer information in addition to other tasks in the field
      associated with routine operation of campus transportation.
      � Data analysis of Marguerite system
      Understand Bay Area transportation options available to charter and
      Marguerite clients to enhance each transportation experience

      This position also provides support related to the Transportation Services
      sector of P&TS by assisting staff in a variety of tasks such as: conducting
      periodic systematic surveys, assisting in the organization of out-of-office
      events; providing assistance and backup to the TDM and Bicycle Programs and
      supporting customer service efforts with the Retail staff.

      This is a full-time position. Some duties will occasionally require working
      early morning, evening, and weekend hours.

      Working knowledge of the Microsoft Suite of applications, Adobe Acrobat and
      Illustrator, in addition to a demonstrated ability to learn new software
      programs. Working knowledge of basic office equipment including copier, FAX,
      multi-line phone system, printer and basic computer environment. Applicant
      must possess the ability to pay close attention to detail, show flexibility
      and demonstrate the ability to work with diverse clientele. Applicant must
      be able to schedule, prioritize, and maintain changing priorities of work.
      The Applicant must have excellent written and oral communication skills and
      judgment in following policies and procedures, using creativity as needed to
      solve problems. Applicant must have experience and be comfortable working in
      a team environment, effectively contributing as a member of the team.
      Cooperativeness and strong work ethic, including punctuality and attendance,
      are critical attributes required of this position. Must possess valid CA
      driver�s license. High school diploma or equivalent required.

      � Ability to develop concepts and programs fully and see them to successful
      � Ability to work with a diverse individuals at various administrative
      � Combination of education and experience that demonstrate the skills
      necessary to manage a charter services program in a complex University
      � Analytical, management, and communications skills required for the
      development and implementation of policies and programs
      � Strong verbal and written communications skills
      � Ability to deal tactfully and professionally with all members of a widely
      diverse campus community
      � Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities in a
      high-pressure, results-oriented environment
      � Knowledge of the charter bus industry and bus transportation preferred
      � Familiarity with the Stanford campus or experience working in a
      campus-like environment preferred
      � Combination of education and experience that demonstrate the skills
      necessary to conduct data collection, data entry, data reporting and data
      analysis tasks
      � Demonstrated skill in coordinating implementation of projects involving
      many technical areas and many different players
      � Ability to read and work with a variety of maps, drawings and graphics
      � Strong analytical skills; detail-oriented; careful, conscientious worker
      � Demonstrated skill in the use of computerized spreadsheets, database
      programs, and graphics applications.
      � Ability to creatively resolve complaints and customer service issues with
      tact and diplomacy
      � Ability to work independently and as a part of a team

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