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    ... The next general meeting of the Traffic Safe Communities Network (TSCN) in Santa Clara County will include a special presentation and discussion on: The
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2003
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 04/21/2003 07:50 PM -----

      The next general meeting of the Traffic Safe Communities Network (TSCN) in
      Santa Clara County will include a special presentation and discussion on:

      The New National Pedestrian Poll: Americans Support Increased Spending for
      Safer Walking Environments & Improved Public Transportation

      With Guest Presenter:
      Kristi Kimball, Deputy California Director
      Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP)

      Wednesday, May 14, 2003 1:30 - 3:30 PM
      United Way, 1922 The Alameda, Room 105
      San Jose, CA

      A national survey released on April 1 found that Americans are eager to
      walk more places, more often, and willing to invest in making it possible.
      The STPP poll was made possible by the support of the Robert Wood Johnson
      Foundation and found that 55% of adults would like to walk more. The poll
      shows overwhelming support for policies that make the walking less
      dangerous for people of all ages, especially children. A majority (68%)
      favors spending more federal dollars to improve walkability, even within a
      constrained budget. Kristi Kimball will present an overview of the poll
      results and make copies available.

      This year, Congress must reauthorize the federal transportation law
      TEA-21. The poll shows that Americans want more of the nearly $300
      billion that will be spent in the new law to go toward building walkable
      communities. In California, only 0.6% of federal funds were spent on
      pedestrian/bicycle facilities. Kristi will provide an update on STPP's
      work in Washington DC on the national TEA-21 reauthorization debate and
      share information about how this bill impacts California, as well as, ways
      to become involved.

      TSCN members and public health officials want to make walking and
      bicycling easy options for people of all ages, especially as they face the
      epidemic rise in obesity, diabetes, and asthma. In California, 22 percent
      of adults are considered obese. This can be done if policies are designed
      to alter land use patterns and the transportation system in order to
      reduce health and safety risks to people and the environment. Meanwhile,
      47 percent of all trips in California under a half-mile are made in a
      motor vehicle -- trips that could be taken by foot or bicycle. Often,
      barriers such as wide, high-speed streets, large parking lots, or lack of
      sidewalks/bike paths make walking and bicycling unsafe. In California,
      pedestrians comprise more than 18 percent of all traffic deaths.

      STPP is a national coalition of more than 800 organizations working to
      ensure that transportation policy and investments strengthen the economy,
      promote social equity, protect neighborhoods, provide better travel
      choices, and make communities more livable. STPP has become the
      nationally recognized coordinator of the U.S. transportation reform
      movement ? working with policy makers, grassroots groups, citizens,
      community and environmental organizations, and the media to shape the
      massive federal transportation system. In California, their efforts have
      shifted millions in state transportation funds into livable community
      projects and new incentives for smart growth. STPP was a sponsor of the
      popular Safe Routes to School Act, which has sparked similar proposals in
      nine other states.

      Kristi works on STPP's state-level policy initiatives and legislation
      related to transportation and smart growth. Also, she is involved in local
      policy reform efforts in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area.

      Members and public invited. RSVP Lisa McFarlane at (408) 494-7853
      Crashes Aren't Accidents
      A project of the California Office of Traffic Safety and the Santa Clara
      County Public Health Department.

      Feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends and neighbors. Or to
      remove yourself from our list, just send us an e-mail at mail@....
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